French Furniture - Baroque And Rococo Style Furniture

As we moved into the late 16th century, the Baroque furniture style started to penetrate Europe; Rococo furniture started to appeared later towards the early 18th century - they were both grandiose and lavish in design. It was seen as an antidote to the rather staid Mannerist period that preceded it; people soon favoured the Baroque and Rococo furniture pieces for their showy opulence.

King Louis XIV was a real champion of Baroque furniture. During his reign the French empire was rapidly expanding and the King wanted a style to mirror his own very strong and dramatic leadership. He had the Louvre and the Versailles Palace extravagantly decorated with grand examples of Baroque style furniture, imposing and dramatic French mirrors, ornate French beds and towering bedroom wardrobes.

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We're seeing a marked move back towards this kind of extravagant French Baroque furniture in modern homes, with many interior designers looking for good quality examples of French wardrobes or cabinets (known as armoires), chests of drawers, beds and chairs. Baroque furniture appeals to those who love symmetry in their pieces; the furniture is crafted from the finest materials - oak and mahogany - and then decorated with intricate veneers.

Baroque furniture and the later Rococo furniture styles will enhance any home today. The detailing in the handles and knobs, usually curved in a black or metallic finish, will serve to delight you time and time again.

During the later reign of Louis XV the styling changed and Rococo furniture started to make its mark. It took some of the elements of Baroque, but Rococo furniture differed in some key areas. You'll notice much less symmetry in the Rococo style furniture on items such as French beds and cabinets and the designs were toned down a touch to be slightly less on the theatrical side. Whilst still remaining beautiful crafted, Rococo furniture could be considered more subtly elegant than the more extravagant Baroque furniture pieces.

One thing is clear, if you're looking for a bold statement, opt for Baroque furniture - if you want something a little more low-key, then Rococo furniture is the choice for you. You could even mix and match, choosing a focal piece of Baroque furniture to really make an impact, then softening the effect with some smaller Rococo furniture items. The options open to us from the vast store of French style furniture means we'll never be bored of this fantastic style.

French Furniture - Baroque And Rococo Style Furniture

More information is available on a range French furniture in the Rococo and Baroque styles including French beds, armoires and mirrors.

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Make the Garden of Your Dreams With Garden Decorative Items

Garden is a place that we all love to visit, and if somebody has his own garden then it's fantastic. In fact, many people possess their own garden nowadays. But, only having it is not enough, what's important is that can your garden stand out from those of others' or not. Everybody wants to make his/her garden look beautiful and pleasing. But, if you are of the opinion that some multicolored flowers and a variety of plants alone can lend the necessary beauty to your garden, you should think again. You should intelligently make use of the contemporary garden decorative items in order to make your garden into the garden of your dreams.

Garden decorative items play a great deal in accentuating and complementing to the beauty of a garden. This is the reason that in the present times these decorative items have become an integral part of almost all gardens or lawns whether public or private. Some of the most used garden decorations these days are mentioned under:

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Lighting: Lights are not only decor, but utility items for a garden. These lights look more beautiful when they are switched on at the twilight time. At present, the fancy garden lights are available in a wide array of designs to adorn your lawn. These lights are specially designed to withstand the climatic conditions like heat, storm, and rain. The primary types of such lights include modern lanterns, hurricane lamps, and lamp posts.

Furniture: Furniture again is a utility and garden decoration item. Garden furniture generally include benches, chairs, and table. The kind of furniture to be installed depends upon the type and nature of the lawn. Municipal gardens usually have iron and stone benches, which constitute their popular furniture. But, for private lawns, furniture like rest-chairs, round and oval shaped tables, and dining chairs are considered good.

Fountains: Fountains are the life of a garden, which lend a serene and tranquil look to the whole scene. Nowadays, garden fountains are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, patterns, and sizes. Large sized fountains are considered good for spacious lawns while there are a lot of aesthetically designed small sized fountains that are ideal for small and medium sized gardens. These decorative items are mostly made from various types of stones. Their main varieties include normal outdoor fountain, wall fountains, and fountain statues.

Sculptures & Statues: These are pure decorative items which could range from human or animal figures to any abstract figure. The garden sculptures and statues are generally fashioned from materials like iron, copper, bronze, clay and stone. These aesthetic and exquisite pieces of art lend such a unique artistic appeal to the garden that nobody can stop himself from admiring it.

Bird Feeders: Bird feeders attract beautiful birds towards your garden as they are meant for feeding the birds. They are among one of the most beautiful garden decorative items that are available in a wide assortment of designs. These decorative items are generally crafted from sandstone, marble, clay, brass, and copper. Bird feeders are also very affordable and a must have garden accessory.

You may browse through some more magnificent garden decorative items and accessories at Garden Accessories & Tools Marketplace.

Make the Garden of Your Dreams With Garden Decorative Items


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Baby Furniture Woodworking Plans - Cribs and Cradles and Crafting, Oh My!

Wanna leave a legacy? Build your baby's nursery furniture with your own two loving hands! Want to make sure that you do this as safely and beautifully as possible? Invest in some baby furniture woodworking plans! But not just any old plans. This article will help you determine exactly what you should be looking for.

But first, let's rap a little about what it means to actually build your baby's cradle or crib from scratch, as opposed to just running out to your local Wal-Mart and picking up some factory-made baby furniture. First and foremost, if you are a woodworking do-it-yourselfer like me, then you have developed a true passion for woodworking. With that said, what better gift could you possibly give your new child than to share this passion in a way that is of real and significant benefit?

Fantastic Furniture

Another compelling reason to build your baby's furniture yourself is to leave a lasting legacy. When your son or daughter becomes grown, they can pass this on to their kids, and so on. A hundred years from now, a very happy family can attribute their new arrival's crib, cradle, or bassinet to the hard work and love of great-great grandpa. (Unless you're a lady, of course!)

And yet another fantastic reason is to put a smile on the new mommy's face. How thrilled she will be knowing that her baby's crib was constructed with care, safety, and love. There's nothing else you will ever build that will mean quite so much. Talk about strengthening a family's bond!

So once you've decided that this is the route you'd like to go, it's time to acquire your baby furniture woodworking plans. Don't just leave it to chance that you'll stumble upon the right ones. Especially when it comes to baby furniture, you want to make sure that your plans were drafted up by someone who knows exactly what they're doing. An expert. A professional. A master. (In a moment I will provide you with a link to the absolute best resource for plans that fit this description!)

Your plans should be clear, easy to read, and totally to spec so that safety gets top priority. They should also be top quality so that the piece or pieces you create will turn out beautifully, and you can be proud to set your little one to sleep in it each night. One more thing you should demand from your baby furniture woodworking plans is a list of tools and materials that will be required to build your piece. This will give you every confidence to take on this project with excitement and joy.

Baby Furniture Woodworking Plans - Cribs and Cradles and Crafting, Oh My!

This Is Extremely Important:

You really do need to acquire the very best woodworking plans you can possibly get your hands on. This is especially true for baby furniture. Here is the link I promised you. You won't find better plans anywhere! Go here: Baby Furniture Woodworking Plans

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How to Build a Brick Outdoor Fireplace

Building a brick outdoor fireplace is a huge undertaking, but well worth it. A brick fireplace will make any yard pop. It adds curb appeal and can increase the value of your home. So although building it is a pretty involved project it's one that pays for itself in the long run. Assuming you have some basic masonry know how here's how to build a brick outdoor fireplace.

The first thing you need is a piece of paper. You'll need the dimensions for your new outdoor fireplace so you can order the brick. Once you've got it sketched out call up your local building center and they'll be able to tell you how many bricks you need.

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Pick a spot in your backyard where there isn't a chance of a stray spark starting a fire - avoid placing under trees, awnings and the like.

Found just the right spot? Great! Grab your shovel and get ready to dig.

You'll need to remove all the grass from the base of your outdoor fireplace.

Once you've removed the grass you need to compact the loose layer of soil. You can either use a hand compactor or rent a powered one for a few dollars a day.

So you're sitting there looking at a big ugly barren spot in the yard by this point. Don't get discouraged!

Have the bricks delivered as close to your work site as possible. Pushing carts full of bricks around all day isn't going to get the fireplace built any faster.

Before you start throwing bricks on the ground make sure you're set with a masonry saw, a trowel and mortar.

Lay a bottom layer of bricks on top of the compacted soil. Be sure to use the trowel and mortar in between each brick. This will give you a nice sturdy starting point for the rest of the brick fireplace.

Let the mortar cure overnight

Start stacking bricks along the edge of the base. What you're shooting for here is a layer 4 bricks high. Be sure to cut/stagger the bricks from row to row always applying a thin layer of mortar between rows.

By now it should start looking like an outdoor brick fireplace.

Keeping laying, staggering, and mortaring those bricks along the sides and back of the fireplace.

Pretty soon you'll have 3 walls about 3 and a half feet high. It's time to build the roof.
Cut a piece of sheet metal sized to the fireplace walls. Cut a small notch slightly larger than 1 brick in the back of the sheet metal.

Place the metal across the 3 walls of your fireplace with the notch facing the back.

Put down another layer of bricks across the top of the sheet metal without covering the notch.

The chimney is the trickiest part.

You'll need to cut the bricks to size to stack them around the notch.

The chimney doesn't need to be that high, just tall enough to let the whole fireplace draft properly.

That does it! It took some time and backbreaking effort but you can now brag to the neighbors that you know how to build a brick outdoor fireplace.

How to Build a Brick Outdoor Fireplace

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of numerous niche online stores that offer customers not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to renew your deck or patio with Adirondack furniture or create the ultimate living environment with teak patio furniture that is perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of to make it happen. Click today and indulge your senses.

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Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedding Style - For That Vintage Look

Rachel Ashwell is the founder of the famous Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedding which is enjoying brisk sales nowadays. She started this business by searching a series of flea markets and garage sales during the '80s. She made an astounding way to climb the limelight by creating a unique pattern by simply painting all her furnishings white.

She dressed-up all the pieces of upholstered items with washable slipcovers and combined them with vintage accessories to make an impressive look. She presented the finished product first to her family and friends and the result was a success. Since then, she has expanded her humble but prolific beginnings into a wider scope with the creation of her own designs in furniture and fabric lines with her bedding, linen and slip covers.

Fantastic Furniture

Today, Shabby Chic Bedding by Rachel Ashwell, along with her newer line "Simply Shabby Chic", has expanded into a network of stores offering a line of casual and elegant bedding. Her line of products are easy to deal with and exudes a remarkable versatility in style.

She has made a combination of attractive designs that are uniquely hers, and rated top notch in the field of design, as simple and sophisticated, traditional and ultra-modern yet time-worn, plain and assorted, as well as rough and tidy that impress a lot of people.

If you are a person who is fond of collecting mismatched items, vintage collections, painted furniture and white-colored objects, this style is right for you. Shabby Chic bedding can be applied to your bedroom to create a blend of unique, fantastic fashion that appear to be simple yet sophisticated in many aspects.

Here are some tips for you to consider in adopting the Shabby Chic style:

First, clear out the area with any mess and worn-out furniture before you start decorating. Prepare a checklist of items to use for decoration such as your bed, a rug, side-table, and lamps. Paint all furniture that is faded and create a clear aura by putting additional lights as necessary. Make the furniture look more attractive by installing shabby chic slipcovers.

Don't be impulsive in making decisions for the decorating process. Simplify your ideas and let your layout plans be well-defined. Apply a feminine touch and add fragrance to your room by putting fresh flowers in ceramic vases that will increase the beauty and luxury of your room. You can even use scented candles of your choice such as vanilla or jasmine. Vintage furniture that is well-reconstructed and accessories that are newly-painted can improve the appearance of your room. The most important thing is to focus on details in your desire to improve the aesthetics of your bedroom by adopting Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedding.

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedding Style - For That Vintage Look

For Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Bedding at incredible discounts, buy bed sets online at Huge savings on luxury bedding by famous name brands - all types, styles and motifs!

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How to Build an Outdoor Wood Furnace

Summer is such a wonderful time of year for sitting outside and enjoying the night air. But as we all know seasons change. Summer slips into fall and it just gets too nippy outside to enjoy the evening air. There is a way to extend your summer, learn how to build an outdoor wood furnace. An outdoor furnace is a great way to enjoy the crisp fall weather. So why get forced back into the house? Build a nice little outdoor furnace it's a simple project that anyone can tackle.

There are only a few simple supplies needed:

Fantastic Furniture

A sturdy wooden table
A piece of sheet metal
Sheet metal screws
Metal screen

Before you get started on building an outdoor wood furnace be sure you have a location suited for it. This means away from any buildings, overhanging trees or any other object that might catch fire. The table needs to be on a flat level piece of ground. The outdoor furnace will add a lot of weight to the table and you don't want the entire thing wobbling around when it's full of hot embers.

A quick option is to sink the 4 table legs. All you need to do is dig 4 post holes a couple inches deep.

Tamp down the sand at the bottom of the post hole.

Place the 4 table legs into the holes you just dug out.

Place a level on the table and make sure it's nice and even. Be sure to measure it both length and width wise.

Back fill around the table legs.

Once you've placed the table in a safe, stable, level location it's time to start building a brazier.

Place the sheet metal on top of the table. To keep everything from sliding around screw in some sheet metal screws through the sheet metal and into the table top.

Next stack 2 layers of bricks on top of the sheet metal in a circular pattern. This provides insulation between the fire and the wooden table. An outdoor furnace is nice only as long as the entire thing isn't engulfed in flames.

Now start stacking bricks around the edge of the circle. You're looking to create a bowl about 18 inches deep.

Pour the sand into the base of the outdoor furnace and sweep it into any cracks between the bricks. This keeps any embers from working down into the base.

Sweep out any excess sand.

Add wood to the new furnace!

Once you've added the wood, some kindling and newspaper light it up!

One word of warning, never use lighter fluid, it can soak into the bricks.

Place the wire mesh over the outdoor furnace. This will help prevent any sparks from flying about.

All that's left to do is pull up some lawn furniture and enjoy the heat.

Learning how to build an outdoor wood furnace is simple. Not only will you be able to enjoy the outdoors for more of the year but it will add to your home value too.

How to Build an Outdoor Wood Furnace

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of numerous niche online stores that offer customers not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to renew your deck or patio with Adirondack furniture or create the ultimate living environment with teak patio furniture that is perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of to make it happen. Click today and indulge your senses.

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Decorate Your Own Accent Tables

If you want to change the look of some of the things in your house, you may not have to go shopping for completely new pieces of furniture to do it. Quite often, you can dress up an entire room by just adding a new accent table or two. Now this may have you thinking about this thinking you need to go shopping for accent tables, but that is not the case. You may be able to take accent tables you already have, or even just plain ordinary end tables or occasional tables, and turn them into accent tables that add to your decor.

You see, quite often a table that you already have in your house could become your next "canvas" to work with when redecorating your home. Here's a look at a couple of the ways you can do it all:

Fantastic Furniture


Whether you have a table that's already been stained or painted, there may be some beautiful grains underneath that have been covered up with whatever color you used. So, one of the first things you may want to do is strip that table down and see what's underneath. If it has grains and markings that give it personality, you may not want to cover these up. Instead, you can use a lighter colored stain that still makes it look like a finished piece but shows off the beauty of the natural wood.


The next option you have is pulling out some paint and dressing up that table. You could go with a solid color, that matches the room, or perhaps you want to do something a little more creative. If you have your own artistic skills and abilities, you may be able to free hand something that perfectly matches the decorative style you have in place in your house. If you're not quite that artistically inclined, there are plenty of stencils and other aids on the market that can help you paint like a pro even when you don't have the inborn skills.

Decorative Touches

Another thing you can do is add decorative objects to the table to make it look a little more unique. In some cases people will add a tile top, or mosaic in a specific design. These can really make a table look like something fresh and new. Also don't overlook the capabilities of hardware. Sometimes adding decorative hardware pieces onto a current, less than impressive, table will make it look like a whole new piece.

If you know you want to do something creative, but are not sure exactly what you want to do, there are plenty of places to get good ideas. You can try watching a couple of home improvement TV shows and see what types of things they do to make their tables look more beautiful when redecorating. There are also likely a number of books at a local library or even magazines at your local home improvement store that will give you lots of ideas.

Decorate Your Own Accent Tables

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of numerous niche online stores that offer customers not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to renew your deck or patio with an outdoor bench or create the ultimate living environment with teak furniture that is perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of to make it happen. Click today and indulge your senses.

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Different Sizes of Bathroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing new furniture to put in your bathroom, whether or not you are fully renovating it or simply giving it a fresh look, it is important to find the right furniture to blend well with your home and your bathrooms current style. In the majority of bathrooms, it's common that there will only be one furniture unit to store and hold things on. Whether that is a vanity unit with your basin or maybe a wall hung mirrored cabinet, buying an entire furniture suite isn't popular due to the fact the most bathrooms don't have the space available for a lot of furniture. If you a fortunate enough to have a large spacious bathroom investing in a stunning large suite could be the change you need to transform your every day bathroom into a luxurious suite. Furniture suites range greatly in price, size and finish, so it is important to know what you are looking for and consider your budget when looking too.

If you have a smaller bathroom, there are a lot of options available to you when seeking out bathroom furniture. If you are shopping for a cloakroom suite, en-suite of main, but small bathroom, there are specifically designed furniture items that will look great in a smaller bathroom and create a look a true modern, chic style. Choose from a wide range of wall hung cabinets, corner vanity units and so much more that not only save space and money, but also look fantastic too.

Fantastic Furniture

The best space-saving solutions in bathroom furniture are items such as wall hung cabinets, mirrored cabinets and basin vanity units. Depending on the size of your space will depend on how large these units will need to be. A thin mirrored cabinet gives a really minimalist feel to any bathroom space as well as reflect natural and artificial lighting giving a much more spacious, open feel to your restroom. If you have a larger space purchasing a coordinating furniture suite from a prestigious designer or manufacturer will ensure that you have the most stylish and sleek bathroom possible.

Bathroom furniture provides vital space to store all of your unsightly lotions and potions are well as adding sleek sophistication with clever storage ideas. For example a basin vanity unit provides the perfect place to store bathroom towels as well as soap and shampoos and using the same space as the basin too.

Different Sizes of Bathroom Furniture

This Bathroom Furniture guide was written by James Chapman of Bella Bathrooms. Bella Bathrooms is fast becoming the UK's No 1 choice when it comes to purchasing bathroom products; they stock a large range of Bathroom Furniture and Bathrooms all at very affordable prices. Should you be in a hurry most bathroom furniture can be dispatched on a next day delivery service.

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Good Quality Patio Furniture At Low Prices

You can save a lot of money when buying your patio furniture without sacrificing style or quality! All you need is to know where to look: good quality, substantial pieces of outdoor furniture need not burn a hole in your pocket. There are good deals to be had and you can achieve the look and feel of your dreams even on a modest budget.

A low price needn't automatically translate into low quality. Think boho chic, for instance, as in this style of design there is most definitely no giving up on quality and style - yet it can be achieved on the smallest of bank balances. The thing to look for in a patio set is whether it works with the rest of your scheme and is reasonably easy to maintain year round: a heftier price tag is no guarantee that this will be the case. You can create a fantastic outdoors entertaining area where you can enjoy the summer in style with your friends and family without having to take a second mortgage or work longer hours.

Fantastic Furniture

The first place to start looking is the internet. There are plenty of online suppliers out there and you are bound to find a good deal if you shop around. There are many materials available and from teak to aluminum you can save a bundle by buying your set online. Look out for wholesale vendors that offer trade prices to the public for the best deals.

The second way to score a really good deal is to put on your best poker face and head down to your local furniture dealer. Remember that the sales people there to help you really want to earn a commission so you can use this to your advantage. Find the set you like, spot a small defect and start negotiating the price down! Sometimes you can get between twenty and fifty percent off, which is well worth brushing up on those negotiation skills for.

Hard negotiation is not for everyone though, so you may want to play a little waiting game instead. By holding off buying your patio furniture until the middle of the summer you should be able to pick up a very good deal from your local store. Most retailers will want to sell through whatever summer stock they have left before the weather starts to turn, and in order to do so quickly start slashing the prices down as the end of the good season draws near.

With a bit of shopping around you can find a set of patio furniture that is both stylish and of good quality without having to over extend your finances.

Good Quality Patio Furniture At Low Prices

Adam Peters is the editor and journalist of many information websites like who has written more articles and newsletters on backyard ideas . Find more publications about patio furniture at his website.

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Children's Bedroom Furniture - Keeping Your Kid's Space Clean And Neat

Your kid's bedroom is a complete mess and you are just sick of picking up after him. There is not enough room to store and even put away clothes and quite frankly, things are just all over the place. If this is the scenario of your kid's room, then it is time to invest in some children's bedroom furniture for your son or daughter, which is sure to put him or her on the path to organization.

There are many lovely options when it comes to children's bedroom furniture, making it easy to find something for both boys' and girls' bedrooms. For example, you can an entire bedroom set geared specifically for an active boy made from wood, featuring a bunk bed that opens up a nice area to place a matching desk. And, the set does not end there because it also comes with a dresser so your child has a place to put his clothes. Another nice option for a boy would be a race car furniture themed set that comes with a race car bed and other furnishings that have the same fun, exciting appearance with bright colors and designs. Or, maybe you need something for your daughter. A great option would be a set crafted from wood that has a nice white finish that comes with a bed frame, dresser, vanity, night stand, and even a canopy to really put a decorative exclamation point on the space. Another nice option for a girl would be another set crafted from wood, but this time it has a lovely dark finish to it that would be a perfect fit for a girl in her teens.

Fantastic Furniture

The great thing about children's bedroom furniture, is that is just a great way to really organize your child's bedroom and keep it clean. It provides them with nice areas to store their clothes, their toys, extra bedding, and even their special keepsakes. Plus, it gives the space a very beautiful look, not just because it is kept clean and organized, but because the furniture itself has a fantastic appearance. This beautiful appearance comes from the many eye-catching materials that it is crafted from along with the lovely finishes that are applied. For a quick and easy way to see all of the lovely options that you could get for your child's room, instead of jumping into the car and going to the local furniture store, just make a u-turn and plop down at your family's computer. All you need to do is hit the internet and browse all the online stores. It is a great way to comparison shop and before you know it, you will be making a purchase and waiting to have it be delivered.

So, if your kid's bedroom happens to be a complete and utter mess, then it might be time to purchase some new children's bedroom furniture. It really is a fantastic way to organize the space and keep it clean, so you do not have to brave a disaster area every time you walk into your kid's bedroom.

Children's Bedroom Furniture - Keeping Your Kid's Space Clean And Neat

As an owner of many indoor and outdoor decor sites, Jennifer Akre reviews products and shares ideas on bedroom furniture and accessories, giving the online consumer a chance to find valuable information on bedroom furniture and contemporary bedroom furniture. Surround yourself with beauty. Click today - Shop: modern bedroom furniture.

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Gifts For Teens - Unique and Affordable Seats Teenagers Will Love!

When your teenage kids already have all the electronic gadgets you think are healthy to have, what else can you give them that they will love? Here are some unique gift ideas for teens that are the ultimate teenage kid furniture -- chairs made especially for teens.

Teenagers love lounging, so why not get them a super cool lounger that is just for them! Teen loungers in beanbags and foam have at least five things going for them that make them the ideal gift for teens:

Fantastic Furniture

1) They are made in completely non-traditional shapes.

2) They come in wild colors.

3) They are incredibly comfortable.

4) They have names that teen will love -- Jelly Bean Loungers, Video Rockers, and Bean Bag Chairs shaped like their favorite sports balls!

5) Best of all, they provide good support for backs and spines as they conform to your shape!

Jelli Bean Loungers are tall, upright bean-filled chairs that look like massive jelly beans. In colors like Ebony, Wedgewood, Aqua, Yellow, Cobblestone, Raspberry, and Navy, Jelli Bean Loungers are fun to have in a teen's room, and will provide a comfortable spot to listen to music, read, study, or play video games.

Video Rockers are upright solid, foam single-seat chairs that can rock on a curved bottom. The supportive foam in Video Rockers conforms to a body in any position! Video Rockers are RED so kids can relate.

Teen-size beanbag chairs are pair-shaped bean-filled bags in great colors and several different fabrics, including faux suede, microfiber, and vinyl. The upper part of the pair supports necks and shoulders, unlike the traditional round beanbags that do not. They are easily moved from one place to another, so teens can enjoy music and books wherever they like. They plop down easily in front of the TV, so save your couches by providing teens with their own seats.

For the teens who love sports, there are teenage beanbag chairs in the shape and style of Sports Balls: Soccer Balls, Footballs, Basketballs, and Tennis Balls. They are eye-catching, fun to sit in, and comfortable, so sports enthusiasts love them!

Best of all, all of these chairs for teens are comfortable beyond belief and supportive for their backs and spines! The chairs conform to your shape as you nuzzle in, to provide the kind of back support that's needed. We know teenagers slouch, but these chairs may actually provide the correct support despite their sitting postures (every parent's dream).

For any holiday season, treat your teens to something different that they love. Because many foam and beanbag chairs are made for little kids, be sure to get the largest size available.

Gifts For Teens - Unique and Affordable Seats Teenagers Will Love!

Mary Engle is a contributor and author for the website Futons and Beanbags.

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Contemporary Bedroom Furniture To Jazz Up Your Sleeping Quarters

If you're getting a little fed up with your bedroom and you're thinking of jazzing things up a bit, then a few key items of contemporary bedroom furniture could be just what you need. Contemporary furniture is a fantastic addition to your sleeping quarters, with an amazing range of modern contemporary beds, bedside tables and chests of drawers available to suit all different budgets.

Contemporary bedroom furniture is good for brightening up a room for many reasons - the very reasons that make it so different from more traditional styles of furniture. Firstly, there's colour - contemporary bedroom furniture is all about high impact, statement colours. Bold and bright, contemporary furniture was a stark departure from the warmer, earthier tones of previous styles. There is a school of thought that this may be due to the belief, popular at the time, that colour had an effect on mood and reflected self-confidence. Whatever the reason, it means that contemporary beds or a bright chest of drawers will pep up your bedroom and bring a little light into your life.

Fantastic Furniture

Before the contemporary movement, furniture had been crafted almost exclusively out of wood and iron. This presented certain limitations within its application and made for centuries worth of design that tended heavily towards huge, chunky items with decorative, fussy carvings that would dominate a room more for its size than its design. These items were imposing and ostentatious, whereas due to the use of a variety of new materials, contemporary beds and other pieces were able to take a sleeker, simple, and less cluttered look.

Designers started to experiment with more malleable materials, and combined technology and art to create more impressive and unusual forms. Steel (especially stainless), plastics, plywood and glass allowed the pioneers of contemporary furniture to play around with form; creating curves, geometrical shapes and everything in-between.

All of these stylistic elements of contemporary bedroom furniture make it the perfect choice for injecting some dynamism into your room. By breaking away from the tradition and choosing a contemporary bed, adding striking bedside tables and an eye-catching chest of drawers, the whole space will look and feel fresh, funky and fantastic. You can also choose some modern lighting and contemporary mirrors and position them so that the light bounces around the room, making it feel more spacious and offering the perfect 'gallery' feel to show off your contemporary bedroom furniture to its absolute best.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture To Jazz Up Your Sleeping Quarters

Further information is available from Beautiful Modern Thing, a specialist supplier of modern contemporary furniture including contemporary bedroom furniture.

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5 Types of Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are an old fashioned type of bed that has never gone out of style. These products are a fantastic construction of bed that fits multiple styles of mattresses. Although it is believed to have been for the common folk in years past, these products are now viewed as an upscale bed from the basic bed as they add tremendous style and elegance to a room. Canopy frame can be used for all sorts of purposes, whether just to look at, to hang decorations from, or to hang sheets for additional quite and privacy, these products are very dexterous. In this way they can fit in with nearly any already existing décor in a home. Though, they can be styled in multiple fashions, here are five basic types of these products to help buyers get started on finding the one that will work best for their home.

Four Post. These products are the basic style of canopy beds with extra long posts that rise up above the bed. These products have just the simple posts rising up from the bed that can have sheets strung between them to create privacy. Otherwise, they are an elegant touch to an otherwise standard bed.

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Square-Frame. Just like four post bed above, but these products also have bars connecting across to create actual frame around the bed. From this, sheets and other decorations can be hung or it can be left vacant for a simply cool look.

Captain's. These products sound like they might have some sort of naval theme going on, but in fact, the distinguishing feature of these products is their drawers at the base of the bed. These models are great for tight rooms and locations because they save owners from having to purchase extra dresser space as well.

Antique. Whether original or imitation, these products attempt to create a look from decades ago. These products mainly feature warm wood stained dark with ornate carvings. They require greater care from the owner, especially if they are actually old. They are great for the antique collector with other pieces already in their home.

Bamboo. A very popular choice in recent years, these products take advantage of the unique look of these woods to provide a rustic appearing bed that is reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean and the beds there. These products have a warm wood hue that is soft to the touch and matches with many existing decors, or can be the center piece of a coastal themed room.

5 Types of Canopy Beds

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How to Make an Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Do you need a place to enjoy the fall evening? Are you sick of having to go back inside just because the weather has started to cool off? Then perhaps you should take a few steps to learn how to make an outdoor wood-burning stove. A simple wood burning stove is an easy addition to any backyard. Not only does it offer a place to sit around and chat with the family, it makes a great marshmallow roaster! Sound like a good idea? Then read on and you can find out just how to make an outdoor wood burning stove.

The best spot for an outdoor wood burning stove is away from the house, trees, barns, sheds etc. You don't want it anywhere there is a chance of a stray ember causing a fire.

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Once you've found a great location for the new stove you'll need to dig up all the vegetation around where it will go.

Once you've removed all the vegetation smooth and tamp the ground down so it's a nice flat surface to build the outdoor wood burning stove on.

Brick pavers are a really attractive way to set up the foundation. Simply place pavers where you dug out in whatever pattern you like.

Pour a layer of sand between the pavers to help secure them and prevent any wobbling.

Now that you have an attractive foundation it's time to get started on the fun part, the build.

Pick up a 55-gallon drum from the hardware store or for a cheaper option try a recycling yard. If you go the recycling yard route make sure the drum hasn't held anything that will cause toxic smoke when exposed to heat.

Remove the drum lid and set it aside for later.

Cut a small hole in the base of the drum so you can remove ash.

Center the drum on the paver pad.

Start stacking curved pavers around the outside of the drum. What you're shooting for here is a complete circle around the 55-gallon drum. Leave a space on the backside of the drum for the ash clean out.

Be sure that each level is tight and flush. You don't want the bricks to collapse.

Keep stacking until you're about 4 inches from the top of the drum.

That's all there is to it. Keep repeating until you reach the top of your new outdoor wood burning stove.

You can use the top of the drum as a lid when you're ready to put out your fire.

All that's left to do is fill your new outdoor wood burning stove with some firewood and a little bit of paper to get it going. Simply light the paper through the cleanout hole and you're ready for a great evening.

The bricks will trap and retain heat keeping you toasty warm on the most brisk fall nights. Not only have you learned how to make an outdoor wood burning stove, you've built a great seating area around it.

How to Make an Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of numerous niche online stores that offer customers not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to renew your deck or patio with garden benches or create the ultimate living environment with deck furniture that is perfect for entertaining, there is a lot of helpful advice to take advantage of to make it happen. Click today and indulge your senses.

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Wood Console Tables - Perfect For Country Living

"One's chairs and tables get to be almost part of one's life and to seem like quiet friends."

How true these words ring! One's taste in furniture is a kin to one's taste in friends...and one evidently speaks of the other! So, the next time you have some guests over, would you not want to project that you have the best of everything - right from your friends to your furniture!

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Well, if you are looking out for furniture that spells out your unique style as well as helps you in filling up the empty spaces in your house, look no further than the wood console table. Catching up as the latest fashion trend in dressing up one's home, the wood console table gives you a fabulous combination of style and storage.

Wood console tables that are carved out of wood in an antique style help in adding an élan to your room, and ensure in bringing nature into your very drawing room! Why just the drawing room - your furniture can exude the essence of country living with wood console tables reigning supreme wherever you place them!

Use wood console tables at the entrance of your hallway, to add a touch of class. Make them utilitarian as well - keep your keys on the tabletop, and place other important articles in the drawers so you may pick them up in a hurry when you leave for work. That's panache and functionality rolled into one for you!

Spruce up your drawing room with wood console tables flaunting an elegant mirror, or displaying your fine tastes in pottery, sculpture or other works of art. Wood console tables also look good in your entertainment/gaming room, if they is set up in style to enhance your TV watching/game playing experience.

The bedroom and bathroom are good places to sport them as well. They can stand in your bedroom and exhibit your personal photographs...those that you would not imagine waking up without looking at! The drawers or cabinets of wood console tables can hold your medicines, cosmetics, and personal diary: just name it! In the bathroom, wood console tables double up as storage places with any number of cabinets, well capable of holding linen and other items of personal toiletries, while at the same time holding a mirror that you might want to look into while getting ready for that date-of-a-lifetime!

No matter which corner of your house you place your wood console table in; it is guaranteed to bring a touch of elegance to that very space. Wood console tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and looks: right from intricately crafted ones boasting of beautiful and elaborate highlights, to the plain Jane ones that look extremely sophisticated.

In today's age, when man is turning back to a more pastoral style of living, it is but obvious that the country living style will be back in vogue...and with a bang! Just get yourself one of these fabulous pieces of furniture and explore the wonders of country living with wood console tables!

Wood Console Tables - Perfect For Country Living

Jennifer Akre, the author of this article, is an owner of different niche sites that offer clients and customer not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating their indoor and outdoor living space. Whether you want to turn your living room into a gorgeous sitting area or create one fantastic outdoor oasis, there is a ton of helpful advice to take advantage of. Today, she provides advice when purchasing luxurious console table, a beautiful contemporary console table, or classic sofa tables.

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Refurbishing Teak Furniture and Restoring Its Luster

If you are looking for beautiful and resilient outdoor furniture, then you should consider patio furniture made out of teak-wood. It is a durable lustrous wood that brings a classic design element to outdoor furniture. The natural color of the wood is a honey color, and over time as it is exposed to the elements, the honey glow of the wood turns to a silvery gray. While some people actually prefer the gray color to the honey color of the wood, if you find that all of your furniture has aged a little more than you had planned, you can return it to its lustrous honey glow in just a few easy steps.

Clean It First
First, make sure that the wood is clean by using a mild detergent and water. Scrub the furniture with a soft, bristle brush, and you will the gray patina begin to slough off. If you have older furniture that has been neglected for quite some time, it may take a little more work to turn back the hands of time. Start with a very find grade of sandpaper and sand away the tiniest amount of the wood's top layer. You do want to take care not to be overzealous in your sanding duties. Simply sand a little at a time, because you can always sand a little more; but if you start out too aggressively, you will wish that you could put some of the layers of wood back.

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Treat with Teak Oil
Once the wood is cleaned and sanded and the gray patina is long gone, you can rub teak oil into the wood to restore its honey luster and shine. The wood's appearance will appear brighter. Remember that while teak oil will make your furniture look fantastic, but it does not protect the wood from the elements. So once you have all of your furniture rubbed with teak oil, you will want to look into ways to protect the wood from the elements.

Teak-wood Maintenance
While there are several ways to protect your newly oiled teak-wood furniture, none of them are earth-shattering ideas, but they are all effective. The first suggestion to keep the natural beauty of the wood glowing is to protect the piece of furniture from the elements as much as possible. You can buy waterproof covers for their furniture when it is not in use, and these covers also offer UV protection as well. Another way to protect it from the elements is to bring it inside during the harsh, winter months. When you are bringing your teak-wood furniture indoors for the winter, make sure to bring it in before the weather turns really cold, so that the furniture is not suffering an abrupt temperature change which could cause splitting in the wood. If your furniture is still outside, and the cold weather has already sneaked in for the season, you can still move your furniture inside for the winter, but make sure that you warm it up gradually. So first move it to your garage to let it acclimate, and then you can move it into the house to store. Or, you may just decide that the garage is the perfect spot for the furniture to spend the long, cold winter.

Refurbishing Teak Furniture and Restoring Its Luster

Angela Glancy is an award-winning designer and contributing staff writer at American Artisan Art. She offers many practical ideas that add style in your home.

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