Console Table

There are a lot of ways to amplify a simple abode whether it be adorning the house with flowers and ornamental plants or placing furniture with style. Speaking of furniture with style, tables are the ones that get the most appreciation and the console table is one of the best. Console tables are functional in nature. They can be used as a centerpiece in a spacious area or a sofa table where pictures, frames, figurines, and sometimes the telephone are placed. Some others can be bought with a matching mirror design that adds elegance when placed in the house entrance.

When placed in the house entrance, it is used to place car keys and other things. Recently table manufacturers have been producing glass tables. The glass console table speaks more elegance and style as compared to traditional tables. However, they are more expensive as the price may reach to 0 depending on size. Bronze tables also add oomph especially when placed in the garden. These have intricately designed scrolled legs which make it more distinctive than any other table designs. When shopping for online, try checking out


Aside from having a wide variety of to choose from, they also have tables on bargain for at least 30% off. On the other hand, before shopping for this product always know the purpose of buying one. Is it for design or for its function? Also check the area where you would probably place it for the perfect size. A bigger one is remarkable to look at but if you place it in a relatively small areit will lose its magnificence. One that is small will also not help; the space would just eat it up. However you may want it to serve guests, so make sure you purchase something that is of good quality. Console tables need not be expensive as long as they serve their purpose of purchase and at the same add posh.

Console Table

Make sure to read here more in detail about the wonderful piece of furniture known as the console table

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Italian Furniture

An Italian home says welcome and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Therefore when you are thinking about Italian furniture you should start with your kitchen as that is the heart of any Italian home. Creating that atmosphere in your kitchen is not that difficult as you may think. All you need is a little paint, arrangement of the right furniture and a few other accessories.

You can start with adding a few decorations to your walls, such as a picture of spaghetti and meatballs or a picture with olives on it. Olives are a staple with Italians, so why not incorporate it into your dishes. Try using trays that have grapes or olives on them. It will make a world of difference. Once you have started this you can build on it and before you know it you will have Italian all over your kitchen in no time. In your kitchen you can add a wine rack and some old wine bottles place some glasses around it to get that Italian effect. This will make a wonderful addition to your Italian home.


When it comes to your walls, they should be colorful. You should use rich earthy tones like the ones you would see out in the vineyards of Italy. They should also include some type of texture and you can do this by using a sponge or rag while you paint the walls or if you wish stucco can be used. Finish your room by adding a decorative molding between the top of the wall and the ceiling.

Another important addition to your Italian kitchen is fresh herbs in terra cotta pots on your window sill. These not only can be used but they also add a wonderful fragrance throughout your kitchen. If you don't use that many fresh herbs, then you can find the pots that hold artificial herbs and will give the same effect.

Italian Furniture

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The Basic Functions of Furniture

In every age, furniture is made for the same basic purposes. Tables, desks and workbenches provide space for work or dining. Cabinets, cases, and chests are built for storage. Beds, lounges, sofas, chairs and benches are made for resting. Today we have furniture for every imaginable situation, from a baby's high chair to a steel office desk. They ranges from soft, pillow-like upholstered sofas to sleek tables of metal and glass.

Furniture are built to make people's lives easier and more comfortable. The furniture industry divides them into various broad groups. One way of grouping furniture is according to where and how it is used. Furniture that is used at home makes up another large group. And also it can be classified by its style.


Case goods are pieces that provide interior storage, such as desks, drawers, cabinets, and bookshelves. This term is originally applied to wooden furniture but now includes furniture made from metal, plastic and other materials. Although the primary function of case goods is to organize various home items, these pieces of furniture are also installed inside homes as an added décor. It contributes greatly to the overall ambiance of the house.

Upholstered furniture is padded and covered with fabric, leather, or vinyl. It usually has four basic parts: the frame, the supporting foundation, the cushion or padding, and the outer covering. Fabrics range from basket weaves to plush velvets and corduroys.

Institutional furniture is designed and built for public buildings, hospitals, hotels, motels, nursing homes, and theaters. Such items look more basic, far from intrinsic designs seen at homes. These pieces of furniture look plainer yet clean. Examples are semi-reclining seats seen in movie theaters, reclining beds in hospitals, and beds in hotels and hospitals.

Meanwhile, business furniture includes desks, filing cabinets, storage units, and even to hold computers and other data-processing equipment. These are obviously seen inside buildings housing many offices, and in other business establishments like a restaurant, shopping mall or other stores. Some business furniture can be customized to bear the name of the company.

Home furniture is used for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. These pieces are smaller than business furniture, more for personal use only. Home furniture is probably the most varied set of furniture. The range of designs is endless to match specific houses.

Occasional furniture applies to a wide range of tables, cabinets, room dividers, shelving units, grandfather clocks, and other accessories. These are most often used during festivities, parties or other social events. Such tables and chairs are made of lightweight materials to be easily carried around.

Juvenile furniture includes all the baby items, such as cribs, and high chairs, as well as furniture designed and built in smaller sizes for children of various ages. These are commonly distinguished easily from the very bright colors, the animated designs and their smaller sizes compared to regular items.

Casual furniture is any other chairs, tables, and other pieces that can be used either indoors or outdoors, on patios and lawns. Most casual furniture are made of plastic (monoblocs) or wood. They weigh relatively lighter than others in comparison, and thus, are easier to move and carry around. These are also the pieces of furniture brought during outdoor trips.

The Basic Functions of Furniture

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Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers - The Quest For Quality

Most furniture manufacturers work towards improving their products as their commitment to perfection. Often, they go out of their way to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and though some actually succeed, others simply close shop without any correct ideas as to why or how it happened.

Over the years, furniture makers have viewed quality perfection as the pivotal component behind every successful venture. And they are correct because over and above everything else that seems to make furniture companies excel in the industry, it is what they make that actually makes them. This realization ultimately drives them to exhaust their means in order to give the best of themselves in every aspect of their business from customer assistance to the industrial nitty-gritties.


Problem is, while most efforts come with the best of intentions, they're simply not the best things to do at the particular time they are implemented. A manufacturer, for example, might invest millions in restructuring the industrial side of the business only to find his efforts unhelpful and even contributory to his permanent downfall.

Before any major project is undertaken, manufacturers need to go back to the basic universal dogma of customer satisfaction being the single driving force that helps a business succeed at any point in time. And no matter how complicated things look on the surface, it's only a happy customer that matters from beginning to end.

The question is not even how to make customers happy. It's simply knowing what ticks and what doesn't and working from there. The challenge lies in implementing the best programs to have an accurate picture of what end users are actually looking for. Unless this is put at the forefront of every business strategy, all other investments from machinery to human resources are inevitably at risk.

Take, for example, a small company that takes a shot at the big time by embarking on a major office and showroom renovation. Business owners believe this luxurious new look would drive in more sales from customers who will begin to think they're actually big. What they don't know is people don't care whether they get cheap furniture or designer furniture as long as they get what they're happy with. Flea market or designer shop, the source just doesn't really matter. After all, in the eyes of the customer, the only reason why furniture dealers exist is to make his life better.

Bedroom Furniture Manufacturers - The Quest For Quality

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The Best Ways to Clean Leather Furniture

Treating leather furniture can often be seen as a very tricky task, as any slip up can ruin the furniture. That being said, however, one should not fear the unknown when cleaning leather. This means that cleaning leather does not have to be thought of as so hard and stressful, as many people make it out to be. There area numerous ways that leather can be cleaned, but there are very few ways that leather should be cleaned in order to keep it up to its prime standards.

Moisturizing soap is often what is best to use on a leather couch. The more natural the soap is, meaning that it is free of oils, the better the soap will work on the furniture. It is important to first test a small area to make sure that the soap will not discolor the furniture. Once the soap has passed this test, it can then be used for the entire piece of leather furniture. The liquid soap should be placed into a wet washcloth, allowing for the gentle soap to penetrate into the wash cloth. The wash cloth should then be gently rubbed into the furniture, making sure that there is not an overwhelming amount of water that is used on the furniture. In doing so, this can greatly distort the furniture, especially if it is real leather. Once the leather furniture has been thoroughly clean, the excess soap should be wiped away from the furniture, making sure, once again, that there is no water that is being used to clean the leather. The leather furniture should then be dried off with a dry, absorbent towel, that will make sure that all of the soap has been discarded of.


For those that are looking for an additional shine after the couches have been cleaned, there are numerous leather polishing kits that can be used on the furniture. Many people like to use this to give their furniture a beautiful sheen and a polished look. As with the water, however, there should be caution when using the polish, as it can leave streaks behind on the leather, or it can possibly ruin the leather if the leather is not of high quality. Leather furniture that is of a substantial quality will not wither away from the polish, but will instead soak in all of the conditioners that are needed to keep the leather looking as fresh as the day that it was purchased.

Remembering that buying real leather furniture is a large investment is often why many people are eager to make sure that they are keeping their leather clean at all times. With the proper maintenance care for the furniture, many people are pleased to know that they will have furniture that is sure to look beautiful as long as it is maintained. The best ways to clean leather furniture is with much care for the furniture, as well as products that will not harm it in any way.

The Best Ways to Clean Leather Furniture

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Cat Hair and My Ingenious Way to Get Rid of It

There comes a time in a person's life when one just has to grab the reins and take control of a situation. No more sitting helplessly on the sidelines, whining; no way, action must be taken. The problem must be solved by whatever means are necessary. There is a huge problem in my house and I am going to think of a way to fix it. I am talking about cat hair, people, tons and tons of cat hair.

We have two cats, Elvis and Daisy May, and we have a ton of cat hair. Gross, I know. I put on my glasses the other day and I kept wiping the outside of the lens as it seemed a bit blurry, only to come find out that it wasn't blurry and the lens was fine; there was a piece of cat hair on the inside of my lens. There it was, taunting me, on the inside of the lens. Bug! And again, gross!


This morning, I put on a pair of black pants, well, they used to be black, but this morning they were kind of orangy-grayish-whitish. Gosh, any guesses what colors our cats are?

The final straw with these hairballs, er, cats, was after I lint-rolled my black pants and I sat down at the computer to check my e-mail. Guess what the cats did??? Any guesses? Any? That's right, the little feline furballs decided to rub up against my leg all nonchalantly, as if I wouldn't notice, and left their hair all over the bottom half of my legs! Sneaking little buggers, aren't they? Not only did they leave their mark in hair on my leg, but some of it managed to crawl up and land on my sweater. I swear, how does it know where to find the black clothes? How does it know?

Well, I am not going to sit back and take this covered in cat hair anymore. I am putting my foot down. I thought about getting out the vacuum and giving them a once over, but thought that might not be a good idea, especially if they got sucked up or something. I thought about shaving them, but I don't like the look of hairless cats and my kids would kill me and I want to live a long time. I need another option. Let me think. Hummmmm.

Click! Ooooh, my light bulb in my brain just went on. Instead of having to lint-roll the second hand hair that has migrated to my clothes, what if I could cut it off at the source? Good thinking, I tell myself as I as I pickup the lint roller off the table. Instead of lint-rolling me while I am wearing my clothes, I could cut out a step and lint-roll the cats, thus, solving the problem of their hair on my clothes, hair on my glasses, and thus giving the cats a much longer life span. Total genius!Sometimes I just amaze myself. Here kitty kitty...Here kitty kitty....Here kitty kitty.

Cat Hair and My Ingenious Way to Get Rid of It

Cindy Breninger

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How to Create an Exotic Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan décor is quite popular in modern homes, due to its dramatic jewel toned colors, gorgeous exotic patterns and luxurious Moroccan fabrics. Making a bedroom into an exotic Moroccan bedroom is a decorating project that can be very exciting. From choosing the Moroccan furniture pieces you like to finding the Moroccan bedding and decorating accessories that fit your taste and set the mood of your room, the shopping experience will surely be a pleasant one with so many Moroccan home accessories to browse through and enjoy.

How to Start Your Decorating Project


Start by selecting your paint color. What color excites you for your Moroccan inspired bedroom? You have lots of color choices with this theme. Moroccan décor spans a wide range of colors - from cobalt blue to saffron yellow; from shocking pink to brilliant red and gorgeous greens. Any of these colors would work nicely in this African décor. Offset with some earthy tones, like sand and cinnamon and your bedroom will definitely take on the decorative appeal of Morocco.

Use Moroccan Home Accessories To Complete The Look

You can add wonderful touches of Moroccan design to your bedroom with mood lighting using Moroccan candle lanterns or lamps. Use authentic lanterns imported from Morocco if your budget allows or you can achieve the same look and feel with beautiful Moroccan-inspired candle lanterns at a substantial savings.

There are many Moroccan lanterns and lamp designs to choose from. You can start adding that exotic touch by purchasing just a few Moroccan candle lighting fixtures. Hang your Moroccan lighting or place them on side tables or drawer tops.

Many Moroccan lanterns and lamps use candles as their light source, but they can also be electrical. The choice is yours. The advantage of using candles as the light source is that the movement of candle light enhances the romantic mood created by Moroccan candle lanterns. The flickering flame causes the shadow effects made from the intricate pattern cut in the metal of the lanterns to dance about on ceilings.

Heighten the mood in your romantic Moroccan themed bedroom by using scented candles in your exotic candle lanterns.

When it comes to Moroccan bedding, most designers suggest that you stick with spice colors. Your bedding can either match or offset the color scheme of your paint.

Add lots of pillows or cushions on the bed and on the floor. Use pillows with colors and patterns of Morocco. Moroccan fabrics or even some embroidered silk will help you achieve your unique exotic look.

Rugs are another great accessory for your Moroccan bedroom. Use decorative area rugs or authentic Moroccan rugs to soften the floor and enhance the authentic look and feel of your bedroom.

Use canopies or mosquito netting above your bed to give your bed exotic style.

Moroccan furniture, including Moroccan tables, chairs, wardrobes, headboards and chests, can be heavy wooden or wrought iron pieces. Ornate markings on the heavy wood are common. Metal pieces lean toward being "chunky". If you want authentic Moroccan furnishings, you should look for Moroccan Imports such as intricately carved screens and carved furniture pieces with mother of pearl or brass details or intricate carvings and brilliant colors.

If you are having a hard time finding decorating ideas for your new exotic Moroccan bedroom, there are many Moroccan decor decorating books to choose from. You can purchase these books to find Moroccan decor ideas you would like to use.

If you are just getting married or buying a home and you like the Moroccan style, you can always put the Moroccan Imports you like on your wish list.

Any look can be achieved for less if you use your imagination. If you're on a budget, buy accessories and furniture that give you the feeling of Morocco for a fraction of the cost.

How to Create an Exotic Moroccan Bedroom

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Basement Designs for Low Ceilings

When designing your basement, the ceiling height can play a large factor, especially when the ceiling is low. Basements with low ceilings pose some design problems. To begin with, the area can easily start to take on the appearance of a cave. Much like vaulted ceilings make an area feel larger than it is; the amount of space may appear much smaller because of low ceiling height. Here are a few basement designs for low ceilings.

There are a few things that can be done to open the area and help to keep your basement from resembling a cave. One easy way is the use of light. If you have low ceilings you should work on opening up the area and making it lighter and brighter. Upward light will give the basement a larger appearance. Table and floor lamps do a great job of brightening up the space and making it appear larger.


Wall sconces can help if they are installed correctly. You should be careful when choosing installation height. These need to aim the light at the ceiling to open up the area. Since they shine upwards, you do not want them aimed just under your eye level, obviously, because that would be irritating. A wall sconce should be at a height that will place the light above your eye level. If the ceiling is too low to accommodate this then sconces shouldn't be installed.

Fluorescent lighting can make a basement appear dimmer and more cave like and should be avoided. Recessed lighting within the ceiling draws attention to the low ceiling and makes the area appear more confined.

Where possible, you will want to open the area up and make it appear more spacious to make up for the low ceiling. A more open look with furniture being placed around the perimeter instead of placing furnishings in the middle of the room gives a more spacious appearance. Small cozy groupings of furniture in the corners work well for recreation rooms. Any arrangement that will leave the center of the floor open, allowing guests to easily scan the room's contents, will give it a larger appearance and make up for the low ceiling.

Dark paint will not go well with the low ceiling. You should choose a light color for your walls. Where possible, windows are another area that should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Use light window treatments that do not smother the light or block the window from view. Window treatments could include stationary draperies and a valance to dress the window without covering it up. If needed for privacy, mini blinds can be installed.

Mirrors can open up a basement and make it look like there is more space. Placing mirrors on the wall gives the appearance of increased depth to a room. Placing mirrors on opposite sides of the room, so that the image of one mirror appears in the other, draws your eyes from the ceiling and gives a never ending look to the room.

Avoid hanging anything from the ceiling. This will draw attention to the low ceiling and make the area appear much smaller and more confined. You do not want to hang lights from your ceiling either, not only will they draw attention to the low ceiling but you may bump your head on them.

Basement Designs for Low Ceilings

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Furniture: Built With Outstanding Properties and Functions

Great furniture pieces are designed and created putting emphasis on comfort, luxury and lifestyle. Expert furniture designers and artisans know very well that these are the critical elements that should never be ignored when building furniture.

When shopping for your furniture, you will notice that a certain designer or brand carry furniture lines in distinctive colour. If you like the drama of black, you will find it very easy to look for furnishings with the colour that you want. Furniture makers take into account popular colours sans geographic boundaries. This is to cater to every client's whims and needs. If you love forest green or the charm of terracotta or maybe the calmness of blue and beige or bold colours, you will surely get the type of furniture with the colour that you love.


If you are looking to add that curb appeal in your own space, consider the relative importance of design and function in order for you to create a space with correct proportions. Everything that is done in good taste can add value to your property. Designing without functionality, no matter how beautiful it may seem, is not considered a good design. Make sure that your newly decorated space is well-equipped to provide endless pleasure and satisfaction than nagging nuisance and stressful living. Planning is always the key whether you are looking to decorate an indoor or outdoor room.

Outdoor living rooms are used differently compared to outdoor spaces with open plans. Many homeowners are considering the importance of extending their living rooms outdoor where they could enjoy reading, working on their computers or a place to enjoy tea time. These outdoor rooms have all the comforts of an indoor living room and are usually enclosed in glass or privacy screen. If you are planning to build one for your family, be sure to consider the location of the sun as it arcs through the day, the prevailing winds and the area where the afternoon sun is too hot, so you can make a layout and determine the location of your seating areas.

Planning the layout and foundation first is a good way to start your project. By doing this, you're making installations and decorations much easier to think of and look for. Home additions should be safe, especially if you have children. Ensure that you create a child- friendly space. This is often thought of as ideal as this will also be your basis for decorating the space with the right products, direction and information.

When you shop for furniture, keep in mind to make careful choices in order for you to get more value for your money. For indoor furniture pieces, consider quality and durability first before you make a choice. Always pay for items that are manufactured by reliable companies offering warranties. For your outdoor furniture, choose the one with outstanding properties and functions. If you have an open plan outdoor relaxation area, ensure that you pick items that are weather and chemical resistant.

Furniture: Built With Outstanding Properties and Functions

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Furniture - The Different Woods Used in Furniture

If you visit any shop where they sell furniture, one of the first things you quickly notice is that the vendors (and the conscious buyers) tend to make a big deal about the different types of wood used in the furniture.

When you come to learn their reasons for doing this, you are also likely to find yourself thinking deeply about furniture, in terms of the wood used to make it. For as it turns out, it is the wood that furniture is made from that determines, to a large extent, how long that furniture will last in use. In other words, the wood used to make an item of furniture goes a long way in determining the durability of the furniture. Secondly, the type of wood used in making furniture also goes a long way in determining the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. Items of furniture made from certain woods tend to be more aesthetically appealing than items of furniture made from other woods. That, to a large extent, explains why furniture made from certain woods tends to be so much more costly than that made from others. Thirdly, the type of woods used in making furniture will also tend to determine the proneness of such furniture to attacks by various pests. This is perhaps a part of the durability factor mentioned earlier, but is worth of a special mention in its own right. And finally, as a result of all those factors - and as alluded somewhere before - the types of woods used in furniture go along way towards determining the cost of the furniture.


Now in the final analysis, there are literary hundreds of woods used in making furniture. But in order to make sense of them, several classifications have been developed for them, so that even the non-technical furniture buyer can easily make sense of what they will be getting, in terms of 'a wood.' The most commonly used classification in that respect is where all the different woods used in furniture are classified as either being hardwoods or softwoods.

Ultimately, when shopping for furniture, one of the most important things for you to know is as to whether the furniture is made from hardwood or softwood.

Softwood furniture is made from timber that is harvested from a variety of trees known as conifers. More than 80% of the world's furniture is made from softwood. The specific trees from which the wood used to make softwood furniture items include pines, firs, yews, larches and cypress. Worth noting with regard to softwood furniture is that it is not always necessarily soft in the mechanical sense of the word (as there are some softwood that are, in fact, mechanically harder than hardwoods). But seeing that hardwoods tend to be costlier than softwoods, it is also worth being cautious about ploys where softwoods are passed along as hardwoods, for the purposes of defrauding buyers who may not beware of the difference.

Turning to hardwood, this is made from timber harvested from what are referred to as angiosperm trees. Common examples of hardwoods will include oaks, maple, cherry, mahogany, teak and boxwood; to name but a few. Although not necessarily harder (in a mechanical sense) than the softwoods, these hardwoods will tend to cost more than the softwoods. For that reason, unscrupulous people have been known to take softwood, treat it specially, and then attempt to pass it for hardwood. This makes it necessary for people who buy furniture, and who don't want to be duped, to make an attempt to understand the actual (physical) differences between the different woods used in furniture.

Furniture - The Different Woods Used in Furniture

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How to Choose Color For Your Walls

As an interior designer I get many calls from clients asking for my professional help on choosing color for their walls. Choosing the right color for your interior can make or break the look of your home. Some people are so afraid of choosing the wrong color that they live in a home with all white walls. I have always told my clients that white walls are a color, they are white, and you can put up beautiful draperies, fabulous furnishings and the room still will not look great because the walls are white.

The walls have to compliment the furnishings or the room just does not work. Now that's not to say that I haven't done some dazzling rooms, with white walls. The difference is, is that we can choose a white to go with the style of the room, clean crisp and white, with some beige and black accents, even a splash of red. So now that we all can appreciate that white is a color, let's move on to the right way to choose a color for your home.


The starting point:

Color depends on many different factors. When buying a new home, I try to tell my clients to spend as much time in the home as possible before choosing a color for the walls. Light is very important and can change the look of the color on the walls dramatically. You can have the same color in two separate rooms one that is bright and sunny and the other a dark hall, the color will appear to look different in the day light.

The next step is to determine your style and what you like: going through magazines is a great way to help you get started. If you are working with a designer this is also a very helpful tool in getting your vision across. I keep stacks of magazines in my studio and find them very helpful. Sometimes it is difficult to articulate what you may like and a visual can really do the trick.

Gather samples of items that you may be putting in the room: Sofa, rug, flooring, and window treatments. If you are starting from scratch, try to pick out those items first and then match paint, it is much easier to match the paint to the fabrics than the other way around.

Now that you have those elements together it is time to get started. It is very important to have complementary colors throughout your home. They can be different colors, but they must complement each other. Many paint stores now offer lists of complementary colors, for instance you can use a green tone, red tone and yellow tone throughout the house, but they all have to be in the same hue. A bright yellow wall will not complement an avocado color accent, the wall would then need to be more golden beige yellow, and the red tone would need to be more of a tomato red, when using an avocado green.

There is also monochromatic color options, using tints and shades of the same color. This works great in big rooms leading to a darker hall way. The larger room would have a darker shade and the hall would have a lighter shade of the same color.

For instance, if you are using a beige/gold color for a large family room and the hall breaks away from the family room, you can ask the paint store to decrease the color by one shade and now the hall will appear to be the same color as the den when it is painted. Monochromatic can also be used in a bed rooms, painting the walls a darker color and matching the bedding and pillows in a lighter shade of that color.

Lastly it is always important to keep in mind what the mood of the room is supposed to be, warm, cool or neutral feel. For instance you may want to have a dining room be a warm color, creating intimacy. You could achieve this by painting the walls a brick color and adding warm yellows and brown accents. A cool color can create a feel of a larger space and a more restful atmosphere. Some of these colors could be cool blue, silvery grey, misty green, ocean hues. Then there are neutral colors which can add balance to a home, connect rooms together, and be more of a backdrop for dramatic draperies or a kitchen that has colorful tile or granite. These colors can be buttery yellows, rich cream, or a barely beige.

I have been working with paint for many years and my last piece of good advice is know what kind of paint you are putting on your walls. When purchasing paint you want to get good quality paint, especially when using darker colors. If you invest in good quality paint it will cost you less in time to paint the room. Most good quality paint can cover a room in one or two coats, less expensive paint, especially darker colors, may take four coats and that is a lot of wasted time you are paying someone to paint a room. The other important issue is tints or color bases. There are many choices, flat, mat, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi gloss and high gloss.

Semi gloss and high gloss are good for doors, moldings, fires places and accents like that around home. Many people used to use them in bathrooms and kitchens because they clean easier, but in your better quality paint that is not necessary any more. The pearl, eggshell, and satin clean just as well and will not have the glare to it.

Eggshell is a nice complement for most colors and is good with not showing smudges and is washable. Mat is good for rooms that you may want to touch up with paint often, like a childs room or play room. It is very difficult to touch up paint that is not a mat finish, you can almost always see where the touch up mark is.

Painting can be a challenge, but it is well worth doing it in the end. A beautifully painted house is a great investment. A home should be a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to rest, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy. A lovely decorated room can change your mood instantly. A well decorated room can last for years. I always tell my clients to wait until they have saved their money to do their room or home right the first time.

How to Choose Color For Your Walls

For any further questions you can e-mail Dawn at she is located in the Ventura County area in Southern California, Dawn owns her own design firm, Dawn Michael Interior Design and can be contacted for in-home appointments at (805) 987-1802 or visit her web at [] Dawn Michael has been helping her clients design their homes for over 15 years. She specializes in creating a custom interior for each of her clients, using just the right paint and furnishings to compliment the room. Dawn has the professional tools and experience to her clients take the hassel out of decorating and make it a fun and creative experience.

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How to Decorate a Shabby Chic Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom many tend to overlook the space, and fail to decorate elaborately in what is the smallest space in a house. Often not much thought goes into the decor for this space. But what many do not take into consideration is that the bathroom is perhaps the second most used space in a home, if not the most used space. A cozy shabby chic bathroom will surely make this a welcoming space!

To start your new project, chose a light uplifting color for your walls. A pale green, pink, or yellow is a great background. White may be an ideal base, but can be bland if not paired up with color accents. When going with white make sure to throw splash of color on the walls and through curtains and rugs to make sure that the room doesn't just fade out.


Once your color has been chosen for the walls, is time to decide on some decorative accent pieces. Any furniture pieces placed in the room should have a "shabby" feel to them. Purchase pieces from thrift stores or garage sales and play them up yourself. Painting a piece white, and then using a small piece of sandpaper to give the furniture a worn look. By offering a worn look, the piece will begin to shine as a conversation piece.

If you don't have the money to replace the fixtures, such as the sink, vanity, and tub, you can do quick changes to get your point across. Your shower curtains are one of the most important pieces for the room. These curtains take up a large part of the focal point of a bathroom, and there are many curtains that can fit perfectly for shabby chic. Ruffled curtains in light colors, with flowers or other decorative pieces are great. A second inexpensive change is the mirror above your sink. Many mirrors can be purchased through thrift stores or garage sales at a fraction of the cost and all they need is a quick paint job or new frame. A gold framed mirror will quickly become a great focal point.

With these few and quick changes you can change a boring and plain bathroom into a highlight of your home. This space can be transformed to an area that you actually do not mind going to. And with these few changes, this space can offer a great uplifting feel every time you enter the room. You might want to go so far as to transform your entire home into a cozy shabby chic cottage!

How to Decorate a Shabby Chic Bathroom

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Modern Furniture and Interior Design Trends for 2012

2012 is expected to be a year of change. And for modern furniture and interior design, change can be a good thing especially when it means you get to play with new colors and styles designed especially for 2012. We decided to go surfing the blogs to see what key trends were popping up for 2012.

We would be remiss if we didn't start off with the Pantone color of the year which sets the trends for many styles, both in interior design and in modern furniture as well as fashion and beauty.


According to one of our favorite sites, Apartment Therapy, this year's color is "tangerine tango" which is a vivacious color full of hope for 2012. According to Apartment Therapy, which sourced Pantone, the "deep red-orange color is intended to give us all a big energy boost; a refresh and a recharge" this year. Other recent colors were honeysuckle, turquoise, mimosa and blue Iris.

According to one blogger, "when it comes to creativity and high spirits, let your home speak for itself with daring colors. Use orange if you are slightly conservative, blue if you are a calm person, red if you are highly active, energetic and impulsive and pink if you are affectionate, playful and spontaneous. Whatever color you choose to apply, be sure it fully represents your personality, delivering the desired atmosphere." (Source: A Designer Spot).

But expect to see this vibrant shade of orange popping up in designs all over the place. From full wall paintings to splashes in a pillow to outdoor d├ęcor, it's time to tango with tangerine.

Merging with that natural earthy color is a desire for natural looking furniture. Both Zen inspired and organically designed, a modern furniture trend for 2012.

This blog post highlights some of these trends - both organic and tangerine as well as grays and linens and even a bit of industrial. Mixing in with these styles is a modern minimalist flair that has an emphasis on simple clean design based around core pieces such as a modern sofa.

Beasley & Henley, Florida-based interior designers agreed, christening their own design style called "Paris Flea Market meets Driftwood Salvage," that captures "a natural and rustic feel that blend different eras for a modern feel. From antiques making a comeback to reclaimed wood furniture and finishes that range from wire-brushed to bleached oak and grey washes. Industrial-feel elements like chrome fittings and repurposed occasional tables or side carts paired with modern pieces will create character for 2012."

According to one Los Angeles area interior designer, most of this year's trends are "cost-conscious and budget-friendly with a focus on the basics as well as a few emerging products that can create the "wow" factor."

What about patterns this year? Are we going for solids or is there a bit of an emerging trend in patterns and screen images as well as accent pieces such as shadow boxes. As noted by Jennifer Brouwer in her blog, there is a variety of design trends happening, many of which are girlie and glam and Baroque inspired, but many can also appeal to the broad masses.

If you check the trend inspirations by, patterns and colors, even gold, are inspiring this year's modern furniture designs, whether it is indoor or outdoor furniture.

Industrial is definitely a trend merging with the feel for gray and tangerine. One blogger ( didn't particularly like the style but stated it's grown on her and that is adds "a masculine touch and are a great way to add something unexpected to a space."

Regardless of how you mix and match this year's modern furniture and interior design trends, 2012 is sure to amazing new designs to your home. Inspiration can be found anywhere, especially at your modern furniture stores, so don't' be afraid for a little change in 2012.

Modern Furniture and Interior Design Trends for 2012

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Beauty Salon Furniture

Salon furniture includes the furniture and equipment used in beauty and hair salons. Salon furniture is spread over a number of categories, such as massage and body care, nail care, hair care and skin care. Salon furniture includes styling and barber chairs, massage tables, facial steamers, shampoo chairs and mats, as well as cabinetry and rolling carts.

There are many styles of salon furniture to choose from, depending on the interior decoration. There are classic styles in different hues as well as modern designs. Salon furniture, new or used, is sold in a beauty salon equipment store.


It is essential to choose the right type salon furniture, since old-fashioned and worn salon furniture does not appeal to clients. It is imperative for salon owners to maintain their equipment, to increase their clientele.

Salon furniture is purchased to enhance the look and add a touch of professionalism to the premises. The chosen equipment should be able to provide the necessary service, without encroaching on the space. A salon may begin only with hair- care services such as shampooing and cutting hair. After a while, the salon owner may want to expand with spa services and add manicures and pedicures to the list. It becomes necessary for the salon owner to purchase the required additional salon furniture and equipment.

The most important detail to be considered is the cost of the equipment. Salon furniture is available to fit every owner's budget. It is possible to lease salon furniture, temporarily. The quality of salon furniture is perhaps the most significant consideration. It goes through a lot of use and needs to be well -constructed. It is always advisable to check on the reputation of the manufacturer and the seller. It is important to lend a thought to the availability of reliable customer service.

Beauty Salon Furniture

Beauty Salons provides detailed information on Beauty Salons, Beauty Salon Software, Beauty Salon Equipment, Beauty Salon Supplies and more. Beauty Salons is affiliated with Natural Beauty Products.

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