Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It

Teak furniture is tropical hardwood that has a rich, golden honey color when new. However, as it begins to age and is exposed to the elements, the natural, beautiful color changes to a silvery gray patina. In fact, this is how you can distinguish finely aged outdoor teak furniture! The key with teak is that if you were to leave this silvery gray color on the teak furniture without being treated, you would never be able to get the lustrous honey, caramel back.

Although the color change does not affect the strength and durability of the piece, it does give your teak furniture a whole new look. Therefore, if you are going to own outdoor (or indoor) teak furniture you first want to decide if you want to maintain the original golden brown color or let your teak furniture acquire a silver gray patina as it weathers.


To extend the beautification of the lustrous honey color, a leading manufacturer, Kingsley-Bate, recommends using a protector. Their teak protector is a "cosmetic application" and helps the furniture maintain its color for a season. Reapply as needed.

Kingsley-Bate does not recommend using a teak oil on outdoor furniture because of the high maintenance involved in this process. Every three months, teak oil will need to be reapplied to maintain the brown finish. Kingsley-Bate also states "oiling outdoor furniture may cause mildew or irregular coloring."

When left outdoors without a teak protector or teak oil, your outdoor furniture will turn silvery-gray. This process takes approximately 9 months and depends on the exposure to certain elements such as rain and sun. If this is look you wish to maintain, the only care needed for your teak furniture is a periodic cleaning.

The recommended cleaning solution is a 75/25 mixture of a mild laundry detergent with bleach in water. Only a soft bristle brush should be used. When your deck furniture is clean, rinse the entire piece well enough to remove any dirt or cleaning solution residue. This process is adequate for general cleaning of your furniture regardless if it is golden brown or has weathered.

Kingsley-Bate offers a product for those who allowed their patio furniture to weather to a silver gray and now want to return it to the original color. Regardless of how long your furniture is outside, Kingsley-Bate's teak cleaner will restore your furniture to the honey brown color. The process is simple and does not require heavy scrubbing.

Some people want to stain or paint their teak furniture. Manufacturers frown upon this as the natural oil occurring in the teak prevents the paint or stain to adhere to the wood. If you absolutely must have your teak furniture painted or stained, you should go to your local marina store and confirm what they recommend to use.

While some people will allow their teak furniture to remain outdoors all year long, there are those that recommend it be brought indoors. However, if you do keep it out, then make sure it does not sit on wet ground and that puddles of water are not allowed to pool on the furniture. But the great thing about teak is that since it is a dense hardwood, it naturally resists warping, shrinkage, swelling, and rot. In addition, it contains a high oil content the continually preserves the wood, which is why you can leave it outdoors without much problem. The smooth finish does not splinter and looks absolutely beautiful.

Teak patio furniture is luxury outdoor furniture. You want to make certain you take care of your investment properly as this is intended to last for years.

Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It

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Stag Furniture

Stag furniture is no longer made, but there is a huge following for secondhand Stag pieces. Stag produced some innovative furniture in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Today Stag's Minstrel furniture has a strong following with buyers eagerly searching eBay for pieces to complete their collection.

Stag was one of the first English furniture makers to go contemporary in the early 50s. They employed husband and wife team, John and Sylvia Reid, to design the cutting edge 'C' range of bedroom furniture. The new look was minimalist in the extreme, handles were abolished in favour of recessed grips. The wardrobe was only decorated by a mirror. The 'C' range looked stark and initially sales were slow. However, as the public became more used to contemporary design it became a winner for Stag.


John and Sylvia Reid's association with Stag continued. Their next project was Madrigal. It was a range of furniture inspired, not by modern design, but by the past. Madrigal was meant to replace Stag's aging 'A' range of traditional furniture. However, it was not a great success.

Stag's Chairman, Vaughn Radford, still had faith in John and Sylvia Reid. Their next range for Stag became the best selling range of British furniture of all time. John and Sylvia Reid continued to look to the past for inspiration and developed Madrigal into Minstrel.

Minstrel was an evolution from Madrigal. It was inspired by the elegance of eighteenth century furniture, but reinterpreted for the modern world. Stag Minstrel furniture was made from makore (or African Cherry). It was of similar appearance to Madrigal, but had new, simpler brass ring handles. These and the simple design make Minstrel instantly recognisable.

The Reid's design was complemented by Vaughn Radford's commercial skill. He was able to buy
makore in huge quantities meaning that no other manufacturer could make anything similar in terms of quality for the same price.

The key ingredient to Minstrel's success was timing. At its launch in 1964, the initial buzz around contemporary design was fading. Contemporary was not to everyone's taste, even in the 50s. Minstrel combined the convenience of modern design with the elegance of antique furniture. It was not a direct reproduction, but captured the essence of antique style with a modern look. Minstrel was a marketing and design triumph.

Minstrel remained in production for nearly forty years and was Stag's most successful range. Today it has a strong following with many buyers looking to eBay to update their collections and to search out those elusive pieces they did not manage to get at the time.

For more about Stag read my main feature and buying guide Stag furniture

Stag Furniture

Steven Braggs is the co-author of 'The G-Plan Revolution' with Basil Hyman, published by Booth Clibborn Editions. He is also the founder of http://www.retrowow.co.uk, a web site about retro style and the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

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Factors to Consider In Determining Quality Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is one of the commonly preferred options these days. Such is the case because many people love to buy wood furniture and it is very suitable to use in houses which require a relaxing ambiance that can be contributed by it. From chairs, tables, cabinets to bed frames, wood is an ever preferred material.

Nowadays, you might find choosing the best wood furniture pieces confusing. You can prevent having a hard time choosing one to purchase by knowing the evidences of good quality. Distinguishing whether one has a good or poor quality can be done by inspecting the kind of wood used, the construction process and the finish.


The kind of wood used will determine the durability of the wood. It can be composed of softwood, hardwood or engineered wood. More often than not, quality pieces are made from hardwood from deciduous trees such as oak, mahogany, maple, cherry, and walnut to name a few. Meanwhile, softwood can also produce quality pieces but it is known to be more prone to dents and scratches. Softwood is derived from coniferous trees such as fir, redwood and pine trees. Engineered wood or plywood, on the other hand, is widely used as it provides strength and aids in the prevention of warping or splitting.

The manner by which a piece is constructed can add to its functionality, beauty and durability. The oldest ways of constructing pieces such as mortise and tenon as well as dovetails can produce the strongest and most excellent looking joints. Corner blocks add to the stability and strength of a piece. They cannot be seen from the outside but bolt to two sides of the interior corners. There are proper steps in putting every piece by consider using the appropriate parts to name a few. It is therefore, important to follow them.

Lastly to come up with a quality finish, certain processes need to be done such as sanding, staining and finishing. Neglecting any of the stages can affect the entire quality of a piece. Sanding is done for the piece to be smooth that can be felt as you run your hand over it and feel that there are no rough patches. High quality staining is evident when there is equal staining and that no dark spots are visible. Meanwhile, finishing ranges from high-gloss to matte. A high quality finish is satiny smooth and there are no rough spots, bubbles or dust specks.

Factors to Consider In Determining Quality Wood Furniture

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Vintage Furniture Vs Antique Furniture

How do you distinguish the differences between vintage furniture and a true antique? The easiest way is to consult a dealer or serious collector. But there are a few things you can look for that will help you identify some of the differences.



The term "vintage" is often used loosely just to mean "old". There's more to vintage furniture than that. One way to define vintage is "representing the highest quality of a past time".

Vintage furniture is usually very well made with a great attention to detail. It's characterized by maturity and a sense of appeal that withstands the test of time. A wide range of furniture styles can be considered vintage. Some furniture sellers use this term to refer to all sorts of furniture, including modern. It is used to describe originals and reproductions that can't be identified as antique. Some modern pieces are acknowledged as classics of the twentieth century and are labeled "vintage classics".


A piece of furniture is considered antique if it was created at least one hundred years before the date of purchase. It is a unique piece of furniture that has been left in its original state. Some people may like to buy old pieces of furniture with the purpose of refinishing them, but it is a good idea to find out their true value before making any changes.


Authentic antique items are usually not made with a single type of wood. Upholstery may be stuffed with horsehair or hay.

One way to distinguish the difference between vintage and antique furniture is by examining drawers. Furniture parts were not machine-cut until 1860, so a drawer that was constructed using hand-made dovetails was produced prior to that. Nicks and marks may have been left in the wood from using hand tools such as planes and draw-knives.

True antiques have been created solely by hand and are imperfect. Small details and imperfections may be spotted, such as rungs and spindles that may not be uniform. Once furniture began being created by machine, pieces were reproduced identically. Also, wood shrinks with age so a true antique piece will not have uniform dimensions.

The finish on an old piece of furniture offers another clue as to whether it's a true antique. Oil and wax were used on the oldest pieces of furniture and later replaced by shellac. Lacquer and varnish became popular in the mid-1800s.

An antique is an investment, and it will continue to gain value with time. Both vintage and antique furniture pieces are well made and usually of excellent quality. Before you make any modifications, make sure you find out whether a piece of furniture is truly an antique. Many people purchase valuable pieces at yard sales without even realizing their value. If you suspect a piece may be a true antique, consult an antique expert. You may want to have the furniture appraised to find out its actual value, particularly before altering it in any way.

Vintage Furniture Vs Antique Furniture

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Bearded Dragons Substrate - What's The Right One?

The bearded dragons substrate (sometimes called flooring) is the material used to line your dragon's housing. In their native environment, Bearded dragons live in sandy desert areas. Playground sand is often used because it is relatively dust free and easy to maintain, although there have been reports of intestinal impaction. Substrates can also include wheat bran (pest free and rated for human consumption), outdoor carpeting, non-stick padded shelf liner, and paper towels. Other good substrates are newspaper, pea rock or aquarium gravel.

Be careful if you use any type of loose substrate when decorating, as many dragons will try to dig under their cage furnishings and can become trapped or crushed if furnishings are not wellplaced. Good substrate should be clean and safe. Be careful of substrates that could cause harm to your dragon.


Materials to Avoid:

The following are bad for one main reason - impaction (see the article on impaction too). A lot of stores may try and tell you that they are suitable, they may even be using them themselves, but they are wrong.

Each of the following has been proven to cause impaction and death to Bearded Dragons (as well as other reptiles) and should be avoided:

- Corn Cob: Hard, large and indigestible for Beardies.

- Walnut Shell: It looks harmless enough, but the edges are very sharp and it could kill your dragon very easily. There have been documented impaction deaths in Bearded Dragons from this. Also goes under a variety of brand names, so check package labeling careful before listening to and buying from pet stores.

- Calcisand: The problem with this product is twofold. First, they like the flavor of it and may eat it if they are lacking adequate calcium in their diet. Second, it can clump and form an indigestible bolus in their digestive tract.

- Repti Bark: very fibrous and could easily end up causing impaction and has been known to end up lodged in the vent.

- Original lizard litter (made from the kenfa tree) and Jungle Blend.

Substrates such as mulch, shredded tree bark, or corn cob should not be used as they can hold moisture and promote bacterial growth.

Any of the wood shaving like cedar or pine should also be avoided - cedar had dangerous aromatic oils and pine can get impacted if ingested.

You should be also be very cautious using bleach on Dragon's enclosure, the heat from their lights can cause toxic fumes from the bleach.

There are several good substrates and the use of one or another depends of severall factors - like the age of the dragon(s), their numbers and others. And at last a one very important tip: It is extremely important to make sure you never use sand in your beardy' s cage until they are bigger then 6 inches in length - not including the tail.

Bearded Dragons Substrate - What's The Right One?

Florian Ross is a small lizard expert and a freelancer who developed comprehensive guides to help people succeed with their bearded dragon pet and have your bearded dragon lizard live two times longer. His guides on Bearded Dragons are considered the definitive guides on raising Bearded Dragons.

Find out more tips on raising Bearded Dragons Lizards and having them live 2 times longer, with his popular ebook about Bearded Dragons or get a free sample of Florian's bearded dragons caresheet

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Furniture Trends for 2012

Part of interior design is looking ahead to the future. You might just start a room remodel and find that all of your decorating ideas are already out-of-date before the room is even completed. That's why it's important to look ahead at furniture trends, especially when redecorating or remodeling an entire room. Of course, always be sure to pair your furniture trends with timeless pieces. Otherwise, you'll find yourself redecorating sooner than you had intended.

Contemporary but Modern


One design trend that has been reemerging in the past few years is the look of tufted furniture. Tufted headboards, tufted sofas and tufted armchairs have all made an appearance and will continue to make an appearance for the next few years in interior design magazines, stores, business, websites, features and shows everywhere.

Recently, the reemergence of designs and decorating ideas that are specific to the mid-century modern look have also appeared. Choose tufted sofas that feature these clean lines, as they will blend the best within contemporary or modern interior design styles. Furthermore, clean lines will allow you to use these sofas or chairs for years without having them ever feel out-dated or out-of-place. The tuft is trendy, the lines are classic. This helps make the tufted mid-century pieces somewhat timeless, which is ideal for living room designs or bedroom designs.

Reclaimed Materials

Another popular furniture trend for 2012 will be the continued use of reclaimed materials: metals, glass and wood. Look for pieces made from reclaimed beams, barn wood and even old flooring. Reclaimed materials are versatile because you can make nearly any piece of furniture from them: tables, chairs, headboards, desks, console tables, media stands and so forth.

Glass recycled pieces are also relatively easy to come by and still relatively inexpensive. In interior design, saving money is always a plus and it will allow you to save up for more expensive pieces, like that reclaimed barn wood console table you've been eyeing.

Oriental and Other Global Influences

In furniture, you may just see some more oriental or global influences. The lines may be reminiscent of Oriental architecture, such as the Japanese temples. It is not unusual for interior design elements to take their cue from architecture, especially influential architecture.

Furniture that features an Oriental or other global influence can work in a number of different designs: bedroom designs, living room designs, home office designs and guest bedroom designs.

Furniture Trends for 2012

Mob Jarrock invites you to find more decorating ideas and bedroom design inspirations from around the world on Design Shuffle!

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Fill Your Home With Fantastic Furniture and Stay Within Your Budget

The new house looks like a wasteland right now, and the prospect of populating it with furniture is both exciting and terrifying. It will be expensive, but you will be able to express yourself through the appearance of your house--or at least express yourself muffled under the self-expression of the rest of family, anyhow. Be sensible when you start your shopping, and give yourself time to shop around for the best deals you can find.

Assess your priorities and your budget. Maybe you're newlyweds furnishing a new home or apartment. Or you have a baby on the way with a nursery to build and a crib to buy. Perhaps all you need is a new sofa, as the one you have is looking a little worn. Create a list of what you need the most, what you want it to be like, and what it is in your budget to get. Never go furniture shopping without having firm guidelines set for yourself.

\"fantastic Furniture\"

Just look around! You'll never know what you want if you don't browse about a bit. Of course, even if you browse, you may not find whatever it is that you need. In such a case, ask the sales associates--that is, after all, why they're there. Many furniture designers are also more than willing, at no extra charge, to help you out with the blockages that come in your way in regards to your interior design. And if you can't find what you want in the store, ask about assistance for special orders.

Dress comfortably. You're probably as picky as the next person when it comes to making your abode a home, and as big as furniture stores are, this might take awhile. So don those sneakers and jeans and get ready for a long, enjoyable, sometimes tiring ride.

Do you want to make sure everything matches that perfect, ideal color, but you don't have such a knack at comparing phantom shades in your head to real ones on that couch over there by the escalators? Take a sample to compare. Memory can be capricious, and you don't want to purchase an armchair that seemed right only to bring it home and find that it and the curtains are completely mismatched.

Test out the furniture before you purchase it, to make sure it has the right feel and works the way you want it to. Sit on the sofa, study the drawer space, and swivel in the office chair. You don't want to buy a beautiful couch only to realize on your first recline that it isn't nearly as comfortable as it is good looking.

Don't forget your tape measurer, either! Accuracy can be important when trying to figure out if an entertainment center will fit comfortably into your living room, and deciding whether or not the television set will fit inside of that entertainment center.

But most importantly, have a great time! Shopping for furniture may seem like a job at time, but take time to recharge yourself and remember that this isn't drudgery, but that you're in the process of forming the personality of the room or house that you're decorating

Fill Your Home With Fantastic Furniture and Stay Within Your Budget

Need help locating a Furniture Store near you? Learn about Contemporary Bedroom Furniture [http://www.furniturestorenearyou.com/bedroom-design.htm] and Bedroom Design [http://www.furniturestorenearyou.com/6-factors.htm]

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Furniture Warehouse

A furniture warehouse is a large storage facility in which furniture is kept; but it can also refer to a large wholesaler or retailer who deals in selling furniture to the public. Warehousing is an important function of physical distribution, particularly when a manufacturer produces consumer goods. A commercial building for the storage of goods is known as a warehouse.

Furniture warehouses are mostly distribution and store warehouses, which receive furniture of different types from various furniture manufacturers and suppliers, and move them out as soon as possible. They keep all types of furniture: household furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, bar furniture, dining tables and sofa sets, beds and easy chairs . . . you say it and they have it. They keep furniture from branded companies as well as from local manufacturers. They keep furniture made of various materials like wood or metal. They also keep other things required for home décor, like various types of lamps, rugs, linens and paintings.


A warehouse's well-trained staff not only helps customer make purchasing decisions but also gives proper after-sales service. They provide installation services, too. Some warehouses keep interior decorators to advise the customer when necessary.

These warehouses use state-of-the-art warehouse management systems that connect them to suppliers. It is also necessary to know trends and fashions in the furniture industry. The warehouse management system helps in such decision-making, also.

Since these warehouses stock goods that can easily attract fire, they use utmost care to fight problems like fire. They are well-equipped with firefighting equipment.

Furniture Warehouse

Warehouse provides detailed information on Warehouse, Warehouse Management Software, Tire Warehouse, Furniture Warehouse and more. Warehouse is affiliated with Contract Warehousing [http://www.i-warehousing.com].

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Las Vegas Shopping Malls - Which Ones Should You Visit?

Las Vegas Shopping Malls are some of the best in the World. Sin City's well known for its casinos and the gambling that takes place within them but a lesser known fact is that Vegas is a total shopping mecca. The two go hand in hand when you think about it. If you win a pile of money on the tables you're going to want to spend it somewhere aren't you?

As you wander up and down the four miles of the Strip you'll be practically tripping over shopping malls. A number of the fabulous hotels that line Las Vegas Boulevard boast fabulous shopping centres that have something for everyone (not just the biggest wallets.)


A lot of the Las Vegas Shopping Malls have vouchers on their websites which you can print off before you go and exchange for money off coupons to the shops and restaurants when you get there which is well worth doing.

Las Vegas Shopping Malls offer a total shopping experience. As well as stores you can expect to find a selection of restaurants and various entertainment options inside.

Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood has a free water show which goes off on the hour every hour between 10am and 11pm. This shopping centre really stands out on the Las Vegas Strip with its bold colour scheme and loud music. It's a lot of fun typically attracting a younger audience.

If you're looking for a little more sophistication stop off at the Venetian hotel's Grand Canal Shoppes. The mall has captured the essence of Venice with a canal running through the shops on which you can take a ride in a gondola and enjoy listening to the gondoliers singing.

For a little taste of Europe stop off at Le Boulevard, the Las Vegas Shopping Mall at the Paris hotel and enjoy gourmet food shops and boutiques arranged like a French village.

The Encore Esplanade offers an elegant designer shopping experience along a broad red carpeted corridor which runs between the Wynn and Encore hotels. If you want to take a little bit of the Wynn back home with you pop into the Homestore where you can purchase the beds and furnishings used in the hotel's luxurious rooms.

A visit to Las Vegas wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace which is an elegant shopping mall featuring roman streets, spiral escalators, talking statues and a huge aquarium. The Forum Shops contains a range of specialty boutiques and high end designer stores.

Las Vegas Shopping Malls - Which Ones Should You Visit?

Victoria Bennion is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas. Go to the Get on in Vegas Travel Guide for tips to help you plan your own trip and work out where to stay, where to eat, which attractions to see, how to get around, and which Las Vegas Shopping Malls to visit.

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