Different Styles of Furniture

There are several different types of furniture available today to suit diverse styles and tastes. The environment that you live in portrays the person you are. Your furnishings and the décor that you style your home in represent your choices as well as your personality traits. Thus, not only should the living space designed and created by you be comfortable, but also adaptable to changing fashions and trends.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most common styles of furniture being designed today.



Also known as modern, it is created to be comfortable, solid and more than anything natural. With not too many trappings, the colors mostly resonate around black, white, beige, brown and taupe. Polished surfaces, sleek and geometric designs are often the characteristics that represent contemporary furniture. Though the colors are simple, they are used in a bold and vibrant way for a true contemporary look. For instance, stark white cushions on black upholstered sofas makes for a bold statement. A lot of metal, fibreglass, aluminium is also used. The most essential feature of this kind of look is that every piece of furniture is striking and sophisticated. Most people today enjoy designing their house and office both, in the contemporary style.


The quintessence of traditional furniture is dark woods with ornate carvings and a majestic appearance. The final look is busy with floor layouts matching the details of the furniture. With classic features of form and ornament, the lines of traditional furniture tend towards being elegant. Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite etc are some of the common types of traditional furniture.


The more modern trend, urban leans towards the minimalist. The woods have either a black finish with brushed aluminum highlights and glass or light, blond woods with brushed aluminum and glass. The pieces are small scaled and designed to fit small apartments.

Country and Cottage

Lighter shades of woods, muted colors, simple lines and vintage fabrics make for country and cottage styles. The most important aspect of this type is comfort and color. Furniture is sometimes painted or decorated and furniture lines are simple and graceful. Textures include baskets, bead-board walls, natural fibers in floor and window coverings, and weathered finish on wood furniture.


Simpler lines than those found in more traditional styles, but not as simple as contemporary. Transitional furniture is about melding comfort and simplicity of the contemporary with the graceful styling of traditional furniture.


An eclectic style is a reflection of an individual's love of different design aspects from different time periods or styles. The overall look of an eclectically styled room though unique, is amalgamated harmoniously through the creative use of color and finish, shape and texture.


This style of furniture represents lots of exposed woods, walls, columns and beams, simple lines and a practical feel. Often wood panelling and stone are also used. Rustic furniture looks tough and durable while the accessories are primitive and somewhat minimized.


If you are looking for good handcrafted furniture, Amish furniture is a great style to consider. Most Amish furniture is composed of oak, cedar or pine. You can find everything from living room to bedroom to office furniture in the Amish furniture style.

Art Deco

Art Deco is both, geometric and streamlined with bright colors, strong vertical lines and rounded corners. While often Art Deco pieces are made of exotic woods, the use of use of bakelite and Formica also abound. Juxtaposition of opposing elements is common to this style - for instance, rare and expensive jade and inexpensive bakelite.


It simplifies the look of European furniture and leans greatly towards Queen Anne and Chippendale styles. Chairs characterize spindled legs and backs rather than ornate designs.

Different Styles of Furniture

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Wooden Furniture Vs Plastic Furniture

House is complete only when it has beautiful furniture. Furniture adds spice to the beauty of house. It is the type of furniture which owes its beauty and lasting. Beautifully carved furniture is liked by all. It attracts the attention of many people. Furniture is of many types, but most common are the wooden and plastic furniture. It is the two furniture which is liked by people of all the ages. Wooden furniture is considered as natural furniture. On the other hand, plastic furniture is a man made product.

Some people prefer wooden furniture due to its durability, shine, and carving. The work done on furniture made of Teak wood is hard to imitate on any other surface. The remarkable beauty of teak has always been favorite of all. Wooden furniture is more expensive than plastic furniture. But the longevity of wooden furniture along with heavy weight is not easy to break. Wooden furniture is not light weighted, once it is made good it lasts forever. It saves time and money also for changing furniture frequently. They are evergreen and long-lasting furniture.


On the other side of the stream, there are people who consider plastic furniture as good. For them cutting woods and turning them into furniture is not ideal decision. It is harmful for the environment. If there are no trees left it can result in global warming. For this reason plastic furniture are in demand. They are processed refined and turned into furniture. Plastic furniture is light weight and can be easily carried to any place. Even the maintenance is also less. Just by sweeping with duster they can be cleaned, whereas wooden furniture requires special care. To keep away from moth during rainy season, it is essential to keep them in sun prior to rain. Even special oils are available for cleaning them. Now where people had very few off and all are working it is difficult for maintaining furniture. Plastic furniture in this sense is quite good.

Plastic furniture is not so expensive also. It can be suitable for all the wages people. But some people say that plastic furniture is recycled and then turned into furniture, which is not good for health. Whatever the furniture are at home; plastic or wooden, it is essential that they should be of good quality. The important aspect is that the raw material used for any furniture, whether it is wooden or plastic, should be of good quality. As far as maintenance is concerned, all products require proper care. Furniture should always be bought keeping in mind the budget and the home construction.

Wooden Furniture Vs Plastic Furniture

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Ashley Furniture

Ashley - the name just is more than enough. One of the top ranking home furniture brands of North America that have been feeding the entire sophisticated section of the world is Ashley Furniture. With the mind-blowing synchronization of quality, style, luxury and aristocracy, the Ashley furniture has earned the worldwide admiration and reputation to a great extent among the beauty conscious part of the population. Designed with great care by the masterpiece crafts persons, the Ashley Furniture can wipe off the unwelcome drabness of your home by delivering the interior of your dream home some special spirit and a unique dimension.

Special features


Apart from the quality, style and fashion, Ashley Furniture has got some awe-inspiring features, which makes the brand the grade-one brand of North America.

* Beauty: Style and beauty are amongst the primary criterions when it comes to decorating the interiors of your home. With some significant blend of ambience, beauty, coziness and comfort, coziness the Ashley Furniture have been enjoying awesome degree of demand all over the world since years.

* Availability: Ashley Furniture is one of the moist demanding brands of home furniture and hence is available anywhere in North America - everywhere and anywhere from Alaska to Hawaii and even in the thousands of top grade stores in almost all the high ranking business pockets in the world market.

* Service: The Company takes as much care in giving right degree of services to its esteemed customers as it takes to craft the stylized furniture. This is another major reason behind the fact that Ashley Furniture is maintaining the leading position in the industry.

* Quality and durability: as far as the quality and durability is concerned Ashley is among the world's leading brand. These criterions are among the few cornerstones of Ashley's business policy. Ashley tends to sue quality range of raw materials - starting from wood to the leather. These are the basis and the guiding principles of the manufacturing policy of Ashley. To be very candid Ashley basically boasts on their quality.

* Variety: Starting from the beds to the royal dinning table sets and decorative corner and side racks and aesthetic sofa set awesome dressing stools, Ashley is specialist in what not? Ashley has come up with a great assortment of furniture with wide range of designs to cater to the needs of all types of customers with varied culture and taste.

All these merge together to make the brand the best selling brand of home furniture not only in North America but in the rest of the parts of the globe as well.

Certain loopholes

There exist certain points of disadvantages of the Ashley Furniture, which confuse some of the prospective customers far and wide. The most significant of which are as follows:

* Ashley Furniture Industries and Ashley home stores: There is no Ashley's own selling point. Ashley carries out its business on the basis of dealers network and hence all the stores are owned by the distinctive individuals. This is why Ashley Industry can neither clarify any query regarding the delivery of the products, nor can help the customer by guiding them as to which of the thousands of stores carries a particular item.

* Brochure: Ashley cannot provide any brochure to their prospective customers who wish to get a general idea prior to setting out for purchasing a set.

Ashley Furniture

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