Free Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Perhaps nothing compares to the true beauty of a cabinet. In the larger scheme of things, a kitchen cabinet is perhaps the greatest of them all. You get elegance, grace, and sophistication in a cabinet. Some people like glass fronts; some people like solid wood. Depending on what you like, free kitchen cabinet plans can help make your dreams a reality.

The Search


First thing you want to do when you search for free kitchen cabinet plans is to hop on the Internet and find yourself a search engine. I prefer Google, but some prefer Yahoo or MSN; there are other search engines such as Dogpile and Go. Pick the one you prefer.

Free Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Whichever you choose, they usually allow Boolean expressions. You want to do a search for what you want with "+" in front of them such as +free +kitchen +cabinet +plans. If you are pretty sure you want the kitchen cabinets you may want to make that +kitchen-cabinet (I say cabinet because you will get more hits if you leave off the "s"). A small hint that comes in handy is that usually, you can also use a "-" or minus sign. Such as +free +kitchen-cabinet +plans and then you could add a -naughtyword: naughtyword would then not be allowed in the result.

Now that you have a good idea of how Boolean expressions work, you can find yourself some free kitchen cabinet plans. If you cannot find what you are looking for with one search engine, I suggest you try another search engine. Often, one will not have what another will have. Have fun! Do a lot of searches until you have what you want.

Moving Forward

Once you have found free kitchen cabinet plans that meet your specifications, it is a good idea to thoroughly read those instructions. Then you will be able to carefully purchase the hardware and materials needed to make your kitchen cabinets. Usually, the first thing you should do is grab a measuring tape and some paper with a pencil. You want to take precise measurements of your kitchen and record it on the paper. This is a necessity. I suggest you measure on the inside borders of the walls. This is a great way t o learn exactly what you need.

Tools Please

Okay, now you need the proper tools. I suggest you do this project only if you have current knowledge of the power tools that are required for this project. It is really sticker shock to go out and buy all the tools needed fresh. In addition, you will need a couple of new tools perhaps that you may not have been aware of. Check the instructions for further help.

Material If You Would

Free kitchen cabinet plans are great because they are indeed free. However, you should make sure the instructions are thorough. You should have a good idea of how much material is needed for your project. The measurements you took will be essential during this step. You will want to figure out first what type of material you want. While everyone thinks solid wood is the only choice, I tell you now that it is expensive and it is heavy. Maybe you can afford the expense, but ask yourself how your walls will handle the enormous weight.

Once you have taken an honest look at what material you want to use, I suggest you visit a home improvement store or a hardware store that sells the material you need. Take in your measurements and get the material you need delivered to your home - usually at no additional charge. Do not forget the brackets, nails, screws, and other such smaller hardware. Usually, a store associate will be more than willing to help you get everything you need.

The Next Step

You will obviously want to take out those old kitchen cabinets if you have not yet done so. This is quite the chore. Sometimes, you can save the old ones and sell them, recycle them, or give them to a local charity. However, you accomplish this: those old cabinets have gotta go.

You will want to take the time to clean the walls thoroughly at this point. I like to take bleach water over the whole area and let it dry. This is easy because my husband is now in the workroom with power tools blaring. I check on him and love that pure look of ecstasy that is on his face - I rarely see that look outside of his power tools experience. I go in to help him when he needs help, but this is really an easy chore for people that understand what they are doing and have some concept on how to follow those free kitchen cabinet plans.

The End Is Near

Installing the kitchen cabinet is easy compared to the rest of your kitchen cabinet journey. I suggest you make sure that all of those cabinets are completed before you attempt this step. Sometimes, you will have a cabinet that is slightly off and needs readjusting. I never add the doors until the rest of the base cabinet is installed first. Never completely secure the cabinet until all of the cabinets are installed.

Free kitchen cabinet plans are great because you do not have to spend extra money on a project that is otherwise extremely pricey. Follow your instincts and those instructions for that best and most rewarding kitchen cabinets you have probably ever owned.

Free Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Delbert has been a co-author of many cabinet making books such as "Cabinet Making Magic". For more than 14 years, he had taught workshop classes at his local community high school. At , Delbert will take you through a step by step guide on how to make ideal, space saving, and inexpensive bathroom vanity cabinets that is right for your home.

The Many Uses of Glass

Glass is a hard, manufactured solid with transparent properties that is used for a variety of purposes such as eyewear, bottles, windows and even certain types of furniture. Glass is frequently used to decorate living rooms, as with glass coffee tables, and can even be molded into decorative works of art. When you order glass from an online or local company, you will have a variety of types to choose from. You may want to order thin glass or a higher quality of glass that is more durable; when you order through a specialty store, you can usually customize the thickness of the glass.

You can also order soundproof glass, which acts as a sound-deadener and comes in very handy when used for your home's outside windows. You may also want to consider tempered glass, which is more durable and less likely to shatter. This type of glass is used in situations where safety is important, as it is up to five times as strong as regular glass and, due to the treatment it receives in the manufacturing process, is heat-resistant as well. This particular type of glass is so useful and durable that many local building codes requires new buildings to use tempered glass for their outside windows.


Whether you are looking for a customized piece of glass furniture or a quantity of glass panes at wholesale prices, you need a reliable company to work with. Try a glass store in Los Angeles that specializes in the utilization of glass. For more information on pricing and special deals on glass sculptures, glass walls and glass tables, visit their company website at

The Many Uses of Glass
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Are You Looking For Aspen Home Furniture?

Aspen home furniture is universally known as one of the best home furniture manufacturers the world over. The company develops high quality wood products and furniture specially built to provide maximum comfort. They create a variety of products classified according to name selection.

One popular line is the Barolo Collection, which features an exquisitely colored collection of fixtures rooted in Celtic styles. The furniture, consisting of bedroom sets, dining tables, entertainment centers, and more, surely offers a complement to any household. The Centennial Collection has a classic European design and embraces the colors and tones of yesteryear. Many consider this one of the more versatile furniture lines. Another option is the Chambord Collection. This line of Aspen home furniture utilizes classic French design, and provides its line of furniture with a warm cherry finish. Inspiration for the Chateau de Vin Collection lies in the French Louis Philippe style, while the Napa Collection owes much to the Napa wine country's distinctive looks and tones. The Potomac Collection consists of period piece furniture with urban and rural sensibility, while the Seasons Country Cottage Collection is inspired by seaside living. The Weekender Collection is reminiscent of mountain turf and the Young Classics has an unmistakable American flavor.


A great place to find Aspen home furniture is on the Internet. Key Home Furnishings, headquartered in Oregon, is one of the largest distributors of Aspen products. It offers high-quality customer service, 24-hour service, long warranty coverage, and the lowest prices available online. Most furniture ships free with a purchase of over 9. If you are looking for the best in sofas, sectionals, chairs, or entertainment centers then visit Key Home Furnishings at their official website,

Are You Looking For Aspen Home Furniture?
Are You Looking For Aspen Home Furniture?

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Antique Desk Furniture Historical Comparison

I finally realized it is not a Western desk; it is an English desk from the early 20th century. The clues are the wood itself and the hardware. English oak from this period has a distinctively different grain from the Golden Oak of American furniture of this period. The oversized hardware is also distinctly English. The odd pattern of shading was caused by someone stripping the original dark finish but giving the hardware areas a wide berth, creating the like and dark patterns in the wood as the result of really poor workmanship.

A "dresser w/desk pull down" is a 20th century recreation of a variation of the 19th century "butler's desk". Legend has it that the butler in an upper class 19th century household was never seen to sit. Since one of his duties was also to keep the household accounts he had to have a desk but he did not sit there. It was designed so that he could stand and do his paperwork. The desk unit was incorporated into a chest of drawers to conserve space. That piece is in fact made of maple, probably in the 1950s or 1960s.


Bodart Furniture Co. was in business in Grand Rapids, from 1949 to 1973. Bodart made quality reproductions of antique European furniture forms, including desks, tables, chests and upholstered pieces. As they obviously are not in business now, you may have difficulty finding the matching chairs. But I'll bet you can find lots of nice chairs that would match this table fine. They don't necessarily have to be Bodart chairs.

Antique Desk Furniture Historical Comparison

The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was a man known by the name of John Winthrop. Born in Surrey, England, legend says Winthrop came to Massachusetts with an original piece of furniture that instantly gained favor with the colonists: a slanted drop-front desk. After the desk became popular, it was re-named in honor of its original owner.

While the story is nice, there is little truth to it. Governor Winthrop was a real man who ruled Massachusetts until his death in 1649, but this was a good 50 years before the first drop-front desks appeared in his native country. The famous curves attributed to the Gov. Winthrop style weren't created until the mid-1700s, when Thomas Chippendale designed the first desk of this variety.

Although many members of the public believe this style of furniture was named for a specific man, looking at this story from a historical perspective, it is obvious Governor Winthrop never owned the piece of furniture attributed to him. While Thomas Chippendale technically invented the design, he never labeled it as a "Gov. Winthrop," either.

The answer to this riddle rests with the Winthrop Furniture Company of Boston, who created a new model of the desk in 1924 and called it the "Gov. Winthrop." The name is now a common part of furniture vocabulary, and has increased the popularity of other furniture of the same design, commonly known as the "Gov. Winthrop" style. Many different types of antique furniture can be found today bearing the name Winthrop due to this unique design.

We installed a humidifier for the winter, which certainly helps the furniture, but summer we cannot control, as we have no AC. I am not familiar with Arizona, but I take it its very dry there, so yes putting some humidity back into the air should help. Other than that, keep all wood furniture out of direct sun and heat sources. A good paste waxing with bra wax for instance is about the only thing I can recommend to use on this piece. Apparently all pieces made with a particular type of imported mahogany carried the label you described.

The desk is from the late 19th century or perhaps even the early 20th century and is part of the great "Golden Oak" period. The style is very similar overall to the famous Larkin desks of the turn of the century with the open shelf in front below the drop. It could be an American piece but the decorative motif is more European or English. Also the desk is made of flat cut oak and shows none of the quarter cut oak generally seen on American pieces of this era. The finish has been redone and it looks more recent than the 1960s.

Antique Desk Furniture Historical Comparison

Victor Epand is an expert consultant at Sell The Antiques is a community of various independent antique sellers from around the world. Each antique seller represents a unique style of products. If you have antiques to sell, click here to create an Antiques Account.

How To Make Use Of That Space Under Your Stairs

Have you ever wondered what to do with that space under your stairs? Here are a few tips to make it more useful and discover its hidden potential.

1. Installing shelves, cabinets and drawers under the stairs will reclaim some unused space just lying unnoticed for years. The shelves could be used for decorative displays while the cabinets could be utilized as storage for everyday items. You can also decorate the area with your favorite collectibles. You can add some small task lights to highlight the displayed objects. The shelves can either be custom-made or you can buy ready made stackable units available in any Home Improvement store.


2. You can utilize the space and transform it into a study area or home office. If you have been looking for some space in your house to serve as your home office, then look no further, this is the space for you. Bookshelves, filing cabinets and desktop can be specially sized and made to fit and nestle under your stairs. You can paint the filing cabinets and shelves in warm, welcoming tones to make it more user friendly. Clutter should be avoided in small spaces such as this, so use space-saving containers to keep desk accessories and stationery neat and handy.

How To Make Use Of That Space Under Your Stairs

3. Make it into a cozy retreat. Wouldn't it be nice to relax in a comfy nook under the stairs while reading your favorite book? You can place an under-stair bench with cushion and pillows for a warm and inviting look. It can also serve as a sleeping spot for a quick afternoon nap. Don't forget to accessorize. You can hang your favorite paintings or add a wall lamp for convenience while reading.

4. Utilize it as a tiny playhouse for the kids. Children would love the idea of playing under the stairs. Paint the playhouse entry with a whimsical design. You can also add shelves to provide storage for toys. A rug can create a softer look and feel while at the same time protects little feet from a cold floor.

So, whether you choose to use your under the stairs space for storage, home office, cozy nook or a playhouse, never forget to add light to this tight space. A desk lamp is advisable for reading and study, overhead lighting for play areas, while display lights are great for your collectibles.

Why not start planning now and convert that under the stair space into something you and your whole family will use and enjoy for a long time.

How To Make Use Of That Space Under Your Stairs

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Interior Design

Kirkland's Home Decor - Find Everything Your House Needs

Kirkland's home decor store is indeed one of the most inspiring accessory stores around. It has a broad selection of distinctive merchandise for the discriminating buyer, coupled with affordable prices to keep the average homeowner happy. Their stock consists of framed art, picture frames, lamps, candles, mirrors, accent rugs, and garden accessories.

A leading specialty retailer since 1966, Kirkland's was co-founded by Carl Kirkland, who is still currently the Chairman Emeritus. They opened their first store in Jackson, TN, and with over 340 stores in 37 states they have put Kirkland's home decor on the map. Home decor at Kirkland's is ever-changing, and offers you value and style at extremely attractive prices for both gift-giving and accessorizing your own home.


Kirkland's even has a designer advantage for interior designers looking for the best for their clients. The home decor at Kirkland's helps to create stylish and sophisticated looks on a budget that almost anyone can handle. Designers who buy at Kirkland's can now receive a 10% discount on all client related purchases, providing they spend over 0.00 per year. This would hardly be a difficult task with the selection that Kirkland's has to offer.

Kirkland's Home Decor - Find Everything Your House Needs

Kirkland's Holiday Home Decor

Apart from everyday accessories, Kirkland's offers much more - its seasonal stock is extensive and covers all major holidays. Kirkland's prides themselves on offering the latest looks with inspiring styles. For Christmas, you can find themed trees to inspire you with new decorating ideas, and suggestions for coordinating gifts that you can buy for a special couple.

Warm candle light, lamps, and other lighting are always popular during the holidays. Kirkland's home decor section offers a huge selection of holiday candelabras, votive runners for your fireplace, or red hurricane candle holders for your holiday needs. For the younger clientele they have plenty of Santa Claus knick knacks, reindeer ornaments, and lots of fun Christmas decorations to enthuse even the littlest buyer.

Kirkland's home decor also has plenty of amazing holiday selections for Halloween, New Years, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. Their huge choice will give you numerous options for your decorating style. Whether you prefer whimsical or sophisticated, you are nearly guaranteed to find what you are looking for at this store. The home decor at Kirkland's, both for the holidays and everyday decorating, is inspiring, creative, and unique.

Kirkland's Home Decor - Find Everything Your House Needs

For more information on Kirkland's Home Decor check out . You'll find loads of tips and techniques plus you'll find answers to questions many others in your situation have asked before. But Hurry! For a limited time you can get your very own copy of our award winning Home Decor Software at absolutely no cost.

How To Quickly And Easily Create A Living Room Furniture Layout?

If you planning to buy new furniture for your living room, then most probably you have already thought about the furniture layout in your mind or else you have probably thought of repeating the same old layout with only the new furniture pieces. In this article I will show you a simple method to create the most efficient layout for your living room.

Before we begin there are a few points that need to be considered. A living room is always a transition space. This means that entrances to all other rooms are located in living room. Other bedrooms, dining room, kitchen etc. are accessed through living room, that's why a sufficient "circulation space" for family members is a must.


So here is what you can do to create the most efficient layout for a living room.

How To Quickly And Easily Create A Living Room Furniture Layout?

1) Take a plane white paper. A4 size is also enough.

2) Draw a sketch plan of your living room on this paper. While drawing this plan it is important to show the following things in it:

a) Entrance door

b) Entrance doors to other rooms

c) Window positions

d) Minor column projections (if any)

e) Swing of the doors (inside or outside the living room)

f) Presence of staircase

g) Fireplace (if any)

3) Take a pencil and draw lines starting from entrance door to all other doors and window positions. This is the natural travel lines for any person using the living room. If the room is empty without any furniture these are the lines any person would follow to reach other point in the living room.

4) Now start placing the furniture units like 3 seat sofa, single/double seat sofa, coffee table, end tables lampshades, bookshelves, TV unit, etc.. Depending upon your budget you can go for any number of these units.

While placing these units it will always be seen that the furniture obstructs the pencil travel lines drawn in the third step. But that's OK for now. Now make as may combinations and arrangements of the furniture units as possible. Think out of the box while doing this. Try to do something different.

Remember if you try you will easily come up with at lest 10 layout for that same living room. You will be amazed at how many combinations are possible. Also imagine the furniture pieces you already have or can you replace that table in the bedroom with the one in the living room.

How about keeping it vertical rather that horizontal in the plan. Whatever you do keep one thing in mind. Always keep the human movement "unobstructed". People passing through the living room in other rooms must be able to pass without cutting vision if you are talking to other person in the living room.

That's why those pencil lines have been drawn. After you have drawn the furniture pieces on the living room plan, modify the travel lines. Now these lines will be around the furniture, especially at corners. The travel lines will now take the shape of the furniture at the edges.

After this short exercise you will have probably 5 different layouts on paper with. Select the one in which you see the following points of interest.

a)Travel line lengths are shortest.

b)Travel lines do not pass trough the furniture.

Apart from the efficiency there is another factor called as visual balance while designing a furniture layout. Finally does it look good to YOU. Are you comfortable with the final layout. The visual balance is achieved by making the most use of all walls of the living room with decorating elements such as paintings, color schemes, etc.

So if you follow a system from the beginning you will be definitely be able to create a beautiful living room in the shortest possible time. I hope this article has helped you to find more creative ways of doing this job more efficiently.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

How To Quickly And Easily Create A Living Room Furniture Layout?

Shrinivas Vaidya is the webmaster of Visit today to get more free tips on living room furniture to decorate a beautiful and charming living room of your wildest dreams.

Wood Furniture Plans - The Easy Way to Make Furniture Yourself

How would you like to bypass the high retail prices at the furniture stores by using wood furniture plans and make some yourself? It is possible and a lot of folks are already doing it. As opposed of what many people think, it is not necessary to be a pro to make wood furniture.

Wood furniture are without a doubt the most popular ones on the market, and also the most expensive. But what are your options if you want to have some for yourself? Of course you can go out and pay big money for wood furniture. An other option that is a lot less expensive and a lot more fun is to get some good wood furniture plans and make them yourself.


You don't have to be a specialist to make a wooden table or some kids furniture. A good set of plans is self explanatory and tells you everything you need to know to make a well done project from beginning to start. Plans are including a list of necessary tools and material. Then all you have to do is to follow the step by step instructions.

Wood Furniture Plans - The Easy Way to Make Furniture Yourself

The trick is to start with simple designs and as you do a few pieces you will get much better at it. You will be amazed how easy it could be with a good blueprint and a well organised work place. By the way, the workplace could be as simple as your garage or a room in your basement. When making furniture, only a small work area is required.

When making furniture yourself, using plans is of course a must. But following the plans all the way by the book is not mandatory. You can add your own creative finishing touch in the process and make something very unique. The benefits are numerous: you make substantial savings, you can look at your furniture with pride for years to come and once your first piece is done, you feel like making more!

So don't be afraid to make wooden furniture yourself. The beauty of your home made coffee table will make you happy everyday. Using plans will also help you to find a lot more ideas than what you have seen in stores. Even if you can afford to buy wood furniture in retail stores, you will discover that there is nothing like looking everyday at a piece of wooden furniture you have made yourself.

Wood Furniture Plans - The Easy Way to Make Furniture Yourself

So go ahead and get some wood furniture plans to create your first piece. Go to my page at to find your plans and many more useful resources about woodworking. Enjoy making your first wooden furniture!

Barbie Furniture Plans - Learn More About Creating Your Own Doll Furniture

Many woodworkers have taken to the field of miniature crafting, so to say, which leads to the perfect market for Barbie furniture plans! These plans are literally scattered all over the industry, and buying a plan and building furniture from scratch is usually much cheaper and more effective than buying a ready-made house set. Doll house furniture items bought pre-built by the manufacturer are usually constructed with cheap materials, which makes them flimsy and extremely breakable.

The Barbie furniture plans are usually much more preferable because not only are they cheaper, but you can create a larger variety of furniture styles and sizes than pre-bought sources would offer you. You can also tailor each particular plan slightly to suit your needs, such as scaling down a piece of wood or painting it a different color. A custom-built house and set of furniture can not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and decorator's sense, but also sturdy and strong at the same time.


Building furniture from Barbie furniture plans does not require a great deal of skill in woodworking, if one is willing to learn. If the crafter is particularly stubborn, and at the same time new to the field though, it can be a difficult process. A creative mind and a set of dexterous hands can usually make furniture just fine, if you have the proper molds. These "molds" really just help you make sure that everything you make is built-to-scale. Most furniture is made of a combination of cardboard and thin wooden play, all of which is held together with thin paper glue.

Barbie Furniture Plans - Learn More About Creating Your Own Doll Furniture

Furniture can also include some small pieces of other materials. Your Barbie furniture plans will usually explain to you what these materials should be, but you can typically expect to keep a ready supply of leather, cloth, or small carpeting at hand (pillow stuffing is somewhat optional). These three things will usually allow you to meet most any demand thrown at you, so you can create a large variety of furniture items.

Again, there is nothing really stopping your from buying your own Barbie furniture plans and making your own set of interior decor items. A little bit of skill and determination is all that is needed, as the price of materials is usually pretty low since the items are so small. Just be sure that you are clear in what you intend to build, so as not to lose motivation halfway through the project.

Barbie Furniture Plans - Learn More About Creating Your Own Doll Furniture

To get started creating your custom doll furniture, find out more about Barbie Furniture Plans at our Woodworking Plans website. Click the link here - Barbie Furniture Plans [http://www.BARBIEFURNITUREPLANS.INFO].

Essential Knowledge About Antique Paine Furniture

Anyone who has a minimal interest in antique furniture will know that there are many types of furniture to choose from. If you are seriously considering investing in antiques as a source of profit then you really should do your research. A specific kind of antique that you should look into is antique Paine furniture.

Antique Paine furniture was made by the Paine company and has a number of unique characteristics that make it a beautiful addition to any home. It was made in Boston in the late 1800s and is highly sought after today.


Antique Paine furniture is more valuable than a lot of other antique furniture types purely because it is in demand. Paine himself was a master craftsman and made the most beautiful furniture. It is steadfast, reliable and still serviceable over a hundred years on. Although your initial outlay can be quite large, you would be comforted to know that it actually becomes more and more valuable as the years go on so a piece in good condition can actually double in price within the space of a few years.

Essential Knowledge About Antique Paine Furniture

Antique Paine furniture can be obtained for any given room in a house. The family business made patio, dining room, bedroom and living room furniture amongst other items and so it is viable that you could fill your home with antique Paine furniture. It would certainly be a different and expensive theme, but a theme nevertheless!

It is worth taking time over the antique Paine furniture pieces that you will eventually choose because they will prove to be focal points of your home. They automatically attract attention because of their gorgeous colour and fantastic design. You should exercise patience if you on a limited budget because there may be several items that take your eye when you can only afford one or two.

Antique Paine furniture is extremely valuable so it may be worth assessing the value independently from the store that you plan to make a purchase from, just to double check that the value is actually as advertised. You should also check for any imperfections, as just one would significantly lower its value. A given price should reflect the condition and age of each individual antique Paine furniture piece so beware of any problems before handing over cash.

Buying any antique furniture is an investment today, whether you mean it to be or not. Antique Paine furniture is one of the types of antique that is worth ever penny. Beautiful and powerful, it can fit into any home and enhance it significantly with few problems. Have patience, buy the right piece and make the most out of it!

Essential Knowledge About Antique Paine Furniture

You can also find more info on Antique Furniture Dealers and Antique Furniture For Your Room. is a comprehensive resource to know about Antique Funiture.

Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It

Teak furniture is tropical hardwood that has a rich, golden honey color when new. However, as it begins to age and is exposed to the elements, the natural, beautiful color changes to a silvery gray patina. In fact, this is how you can distinguish finely aged outdoor teak furniture! The key with teak is that if you were to leave this silvery gray color on the teak furniture without being treated, you would never be able to get the lustrous honey, caramel back.

Although the color change does not affect the strength and durability of the piece, it does give your teak furniture a whole new look. Therefore, if you are going to own outdoor (or indoor) teak furniture you first want to decide if you want to maintain the original golden brown color or let your teak furniture acquire a silver gray patina as it weathers.


To extend the beautification of the lustrous honey color, a leading manufacturer, Kingsley-Bate, recommends using a protector. Their teak protector is a "cosmetic application" and helps the furniture maintain its color for a season. Reapply as needed.

Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It

Kingsley-Bate does not recommend using a teak oil on outdoor furniture because of the high maintenance involved in this process. Every three months, teak oil will need to be reapplied to maintain the brown finish. Kingsley-Bate also states "oiling outdoor furniture may cause mildew or irregular coloring."

When left outdoors without a teak protector or teak oil, your outdoor furniture will turn silvery-gray. This process takes approximately 9 months and depends on the exposure to certain elements such as rain and sun. If this is look you wish to maintain, the only care needed for your teak furniture is a periodic cleaning.

The recommended cleaning solution is a 75/25 mixture of a mild laundry detergent with bleach in water. Only a soft bristle brush should be used. When your deck furniture is clean, rinse the entire piece well enough to remove any dirt or cleaning solution residue. This process is adequate for general cleaning of your furniture regardless if it is golden brown or has weathered.

Kingsley-Bate offers a product for those who allowed their patio furniture to weather to a silver gray and now want to return it to the original color. Regardless of how long your furniture is outside, Kingsley-Bate's teak cleaner will restore your furniture to the honey brown color. The process is simple and does not require heavy scrubbing.

Some people want to stain or paint their teak furniture. Manufacturers frown upon this as the natural oil occurring in the teak prevents the paint or stain to adhere to the wood. If you absolutely must have your teak furniture painted or stained, you should go to your local marina store and confirm what they recommend to use.

While some people will allow their teak furniture to remain outdoors all year long, there are those that recommend it be brought indoors. However, if you do keep it out, then make sure it does not sit on wet ground and that puddles of water are not allowed to pool on the furniture. But the great thing about teak is that since it is a dense hardwood, it naturally resists warping, shrinkage, swelling, and rot. In addition, it contains a high oil content the continually preserves the wood, which is why you can leave it outdoors without much problem. The smooth finish does not splinter and looks absolutely beautiful.

Teak patio furniture is luxury outdoor furniture. You want to make certain you take care of your investment properly as this is intended to last for years.

Teak Furniture - The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It

Jennifer Akre, owner of numerous furniture websites, makes it easy to find quality teak bench and teak patio furniture Learn how to buy and care for your teak furniture by clicking the following link: teak steamers

The History Of Ethan Allen Furniture

In 1932, two New Yorkers, Theodore Baumritter and his brother-in-law Nathan Ancell, founded The Baumritter Corp, which was a house wares sales agency. This was during what is considered by many as the worst year of the great depression, and unfortunately, people just didn't have the extra money for their house wares at that time. Consequently, at first Baumritter and Ancell ended up losing a lot of the money that they had originally invested into the company. In 1936, they bought a furniture factory located in Beecher Falls, Vermont. Ancell and Baumritter quickly fell in love with Vermont. They decided to name their furniture company Ethan Allen after the Vermont revolutionary leader. In 1939, their furniture line made their grand debut inside stores.

Their first collection was a grouping of 28 pieces of Early American furniture. By 1962, Ancell and Baumritter owned 14 furniture factories in the East. By the middle of the 1960's, The Baumritter Corp had by far the largest group of furniture in the world, with a 1,600-piece line to choose from. Also by the mid 1960's, there were approximately 700 Ethan Allen stores in the United States. They also had Ethan Allen stores by that time in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Australia, and Canada. In 1970, Baumritter retired. In 1972, The Baumritter Corp officially changed its name to Ethan Allen Industries, and they ran their first series of nationwide television ads. During this time in the early 70's, they also moved their headquarters from New York City to Danbury, Connecticut. Additionally, around this time, they started producing draperies, wallpaper, oriental rugs, and broadloom carpeting.


In 1988, M. Fahrooq Kathwari took over Ancell's spot as chair and chief executive. Around 1985, when the company realized that Early American Furniture wasn't in high demand anymore, they set out to create some new furniture designs that were met with great success. Just to name a few there was the American Dimensions line which focused on accenting geometric shapes, Country Crossings which showcased rustic looking furniture, and the Legacy line which was modeled after Italian architecture. In 1991, Ethan Allen started offering wall decor, bedding, textiles, lamps, and other home decor items to their store.

The History Of Ethan Allen Furniture

In 2008, Ethan Allen's products became available to purchase over the internet. An interesting fact to note is that over seventy percent of their cherry, maple and alder wood pieces of made in the United States. Over the years, Ethan Allen has become a tremendously successful company. As of June 2008, they were said to have sales of approximately 0.0 million, with a net income of .1 million!

The History Of Ethan Allen Furniture

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How to Remove Rust From Wrought Iron Furniture

After a particularly damp winter patio metal furniture can start showing signs of rust. Rust is a general term used for the oxidation of iron or metal. It is formed through a reaction of metal in the presence of water and air, mainly oxygen. Prolonged rust can cause permanent damage to wrought iron furniture and outdoor cast furniture, cause it to weaken and disintegrate.

Cleaning rust, or rather removing it is a daunting task to many, and not surprisingly since most people don't realise that rust is easy enough to remove with everyday household items that can usually be found around any kitchen. This includes everyday white vinegar, or lemons for smaller areas, or rubbing oils, wire wool and some time on your hands. Baking soda is another everyday household item you can use to remove rust.


Removing rust from wrought iron furniture is as easy as one, two, three.

How to Remove Rust From Wrought Iron Furniture

First, put some rubbing oils, or plain white vinegar on the areas effected with rust. It is a good idea to concentrate on small areas at a time to remove the rust quicker and with better effectiveness. You may also use lemons and rub them at the area that is rusty. Lemons have the same effect as vinegar does. When using baking soda, make a paste of baking soda and water pasty enough to stick.

Second, leave the furniture for a few minutes soaking in the vinegar to allow the vinegar or the oil to loosen up the rust, as rust is not part of the metal itself, but a layer on top of it, leaving it for a few minutes will enable the rust to loosen from the metal and be easier to clean. When using baking soda leaving it for enough time to let it loosen the rust.

Third, use the wire wool to scrub the rusted area. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, and you will definitely need some elbow grease to get the tough rust out of the furniture. The rust is going to give you a fight, but if you keep putting vinegar leaving it for a bit and then scrubbing you should be able to get all the rust out of your furniture. The vinegar loosens the rust, and the rubbing removes it. If the rust is really stubborn you may want to use sandpaper to really get it off.

Remember you can prevent rust from returning by keeping your patio metal furniture dry. It is a good idea to keep your metal furniture dry, however, it may not be possible if you live in an area of heavy humidity. In this case, attack the rust as it arises and it will be easier and quicker to get rid of rust and your furniture will last longer. Remember rust become harder to remove the longer it is left on the furniture and causes greater damage.

How to Remove Rust From Wrought Iron Furniture

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Bamboo Furniture - How To Care And Maintain Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo has become a boom product during the past few years after it was once given scant regard in the western world. While most wouldn't consider decorating an entire room with bamboo products, it's appeal lays in it's ability to lighten up a room or give it a touch of the exotics. While this is often referred to as sturdy and indestructible not much attention is paid on how to clean and maintain it.

In this article, we'll give you some handy tips on how to care for bamboo furniture ensuring it gives you long lasting service.


Bamboo Furniture - How To Clean It

Bamboo Furniture - How To Care And Maintain Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is basically like any other hardwood when it comes to cleaning it. It can be polished, waxed and painted and of course dusted. However, wetting the furniture excessively is not recommended and can cause irreparable damage. Here are some cleaning tips for bamboo furniture:

1. Dusting on a regular basis avoids possible scratching of the furniture. Use a small dust brush or cloth and simply wipe over the surface removing dust particles. It's recommended you do this at least once a week.

2. Avoid spilling foreign substances onto your furniture. If you happen to have an accident or a spillage, clean it immediately because this will prevent possible permanent staining.

3. Use a soft cloth or sponge soaked in soap water. Avoid using detergents which contain abrasive chemicals as this can damage the surface of the bamboo furniture.

4. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not really suited to the outside elements and in a furniture state, it can quickly be damaged. Under no circumstances leave in in open sun or exposed to direct rain.

5. At least once a year, do a major clean. This involves vacuuming off the dust which may deposit in crevices. Wipe over with a damp sponge immersed in soapy water. Never use harsh, corrosive detergent solutions. Also, avoid hosing your furniture. You may even consider a light coat of polish or wax. Always wait until the surface of your furniture has dried before attempting to sit in it.

Bamboo Furniture - How To Care And Maintain Bamboo Furniture

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Vintage Furniture Vs Antique Furniture

How do you distinguish the differences between vintage furniture and a true antique? The easiest way is to consult a dealer or serious collector. But there are a few things you can look for that will help you identify some of the differences.



The term "vintage" is often used loosely just to mean "old". There's more to vintage furniture than that. One way to define vintage is "representing the highest quality of a past time".

Vintage Furniture Vs Antique Furniture

Vintage furniture is usually very well made with a great attention to detail. It's characterized by maturity and a sense of appeal that withstands the test of time. A wide range of furniture styles can be considered vintage. Some furniture sellers use this term to refer to all sorts of furniture, including modern. It is used to describe originals and reproductions that can't be identified as antique. Some modern pieces are acknowledged as classics of the twentieth century and are labeled "vintage classics".


A piece of furniture is considered antique if it was created at least one hundred years before the date of purchase. It is a unique piece of furniture that has been left in its original state. Some people may like to buy old pieces of furniture with the purpose of refinishing them, but it is a good idea to find out their true value before making any changes.


Authentic antique items are usually not made with a single type of wood. Upholstery may be stuffed with horsehair or hay.

One way to distinguish the difference between vintage and antique furniture is by examining drawers. Furniture parts were not machine-cut until 1860, so a drawer that was constructed using hand-made dovetails was produced prior to that. Nicks and marks may have been left in the wood from using hand tools such as planes and draw-knives.

True antiques have been created solely by hand and are imperfect. Small details and imperfections may be spotted, such as rungs and spindles that may not be uniform. Once furniture began being created by machine, pieces were reproduced identically. Also, wood shrinks with age so a true antique piece will not have uniform dimensions.

The finish on an old piece of furniture offers another clue as to whether it's a true antique. Oil and wax were used on the oldest pieces of furniture and later replaced by shellac. Lacquer and varnish became popular in the mid-1800s.

An antique is an investment, and it will continue to gain value with time. Both vintage and antique furniture pieces are well made and usually of excellent quality. Before you make any modifications, make sure you find out whether a piece of furniture is truly an antique. Many people purchase valuable pieces at yard sales without even realizing their value. If you suspect a piece may be a true antique, consult an antique expert. You may want to have the furniture appraised to find out its actual value, particularly before altering it in any way.

Vintage Furniture Vs Antique Furniture

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