The Story of Rosewood and Its Uses

Shisham (Dalbergia sissoo)- also known as Indian Rosewood- is a semi temperate hardwood of the teak family. The grain is similar to teak in appearance and can be stained, polished, waxed or sealed as required to produce excellent cabinetry and furniture. After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree in India, planted on roadsides, and as a shade tree for tea plantations. Elegant and classy, the Indian Rosewood furniture has excellent stability. It is also the first choice of people, who have classy taste for furnitures and other home and office decor.

For long now, Indian artisans are known for their artistic skills in carving woods and turning them into sophisticated pieces to enhance the beauty of your home as well as your office. Across the world rosewood is a preferred choice for home and office furniture because of its unique properties. Rosewood is a strong hardwood which takes an excellent polish. Indian furniture is highly durable and hence is guaranteed not to crack,warp or twist if maintained correctly it would last for generations to come. Indian Rosewood is carved out for making musical instruments like guitar, wooden chess sets, sofa table and also artifacts.


Due to its dark, antique and classy look, Indian artifacts are highly sought after worldwide. Indian artisans favour Indian Rosewood Furniture due to its longevity and ease in crafting variety of decorative items, furniture sets, musical instruments and other home decor items. Simple tools used while producing Indian Rosewood Furniture helps in retaining its ethnicity and rustic looks. Owing to its inherent qualities, rosewood antiques have proved to be rewarding investments.Some of the furniture exporters/importers take due care while sourcing the Indian Rosewood from best suppliers. The skilled artisans, use their craftsmanship to carve our unique Rosewood furniture best suited to your existing home and office setup. Truly, it can be stated that India Rosewood furniture is the symbol of durability and elegance.

The Story of Rosewood and Its Uses

Some facts about Indian Rosewood:

-Indian Rosewood is an erect deciduous tree.
-It grows to the height of 25 meter and 2-3 meter in diameter.
-It has leathery leaves which are up to 15 cm long.
-The flowers are whitish pink in colour. Its crown is oval in shape.
-The fruit is brown and pod like in shape.
-The fruit is dry and hard.
-The sapwood is white to pale brown in colour and the heartwood is golden to dark brown in colour.

The Story of Rosewood and Its Uses

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