How to Take Care of Your Rosewood Furniture

Rosewood is one of the finest wooden type available in the market. It is also very precious, so it is also important to know how you should take care of the wooden furniture so as to avoid them from shrinking, cracking or losing its color. Here are some of the tips which will help you in taking utmost care of your priced possession!

Reasons for wooden furniture losing its sheen
Though Rosewood is hardwood it is sensitive to changing climatic conditions, exposure to direct sunlight, contact with silicon-based cleaners and water.


Protecting Rosewood Furniture
Rosewood is sensitive to structural damage if it is not cared for properly. To maintain its durability and also to keep its color intact it is important to take due care of these wooden assets that graces your house with its presence. When you buy any wooden furniture, please note that it would take some time to settle in its new environment. You should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, avoid moisture accumulation or washing with water. Also avoid contact with rubber and plastic material.

How to Take Care of Your Rosewood Furniture

Chemicals in the plastic and some rubber may soften and thus injure the finish if left in contact with the furniture for a long period of time. To avoid these markings, place a strip of felt, leather, or cork under tray accessories. You are advised to regularly dust and clean the Rosewood furniture with damp cloth. Also polish it with non-silicon polish to retain its shine and beauty. Small mars and scratches may be touched up or covered with a mar or scratch remover or touch-up stick. Caring for your assets - your Rosewood furniture

Rosewood furniture's are used to make your sofa, your wall cabinets, drawers, dining tables and so on. For example Chitra handicrafts manufactures rosewood dining table, double bed, rosewood statues and much more. This furniture is also your lifestyle statement. If you care for them, not only will they last long without any embarrassing cracks it would also retain its beautiful appearance as if you just bought them.

Rosewood furniture can be very beautiful and fits many styles of home and office d├ęcor. You can use them in your dining room, drawing room, and bedroom or in the sit out. But quality rosewood furniture often comes with a high price tag due to intensive labor and high material costs. However, good rosewood furniture will last a very long time if cared for properly.

How to Take Care of Your Rosewood Furniture

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