Protecting Your Wood Furniture With Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops can offer a unique and practical feature to any modern themed office space or home. When it comes to designer accent pieces, nothing compares to glass as the material of choice. Exceptionally simple to care for glass tops can be used as a standalone piece or as protection when placed on top of an antique or valuable wooden surface. Glass is an also cost-effective solution to refinish an existing table top due to damage or spills.

A custom cut table top offers a perfect way to achieve the protection or look you're after without needing to break the bank. When used as a cover for a wooden surface, a thinner glass is used, often with a ¼-inch thickness. One of the best things with renovating a property with glass-based products is the short installation time and minimal amount of mess.


A stand alone or made-to-measure table cover can be cut to virtually any shape (octagon, rectangle, square, oval, round, and racetrack) and size. And with a variety of different finished edges (beveled, flat polished, pencil, and decorative) it is possible to design a table to fit a particular theme or taste.

Protecting Your Wood Furniture With Custom Glass Table Tops

Some of the advantageous to using a glass sheet to protect a high valued furniture piece consist of -

• Complete ease in cleaning and very hygienic

• The transparent nature of the glass top makes certain the beauty of a wood surface shows through

• No further need to use table cloths

• No need to be concerned with spills, cup stains, or accidental heat sources

• Does not easily scratch or get damaged

For custom glass tops, it is often possible to choose from several different thicknesses and colors depending on a personal flavor. While a standard sheet of clear glass often comes with a slight green tint, a sheet of low-iron glass is also available, which provides an appearance that appears crystal clear when observed from the edge. Custom glass includes tints such as blue, gray, or bronze to complement a room's d├ęcor.

Having glass table tops made to order is often as simple as contacting a reliable glass technician situated in the local area. For the best possible service, look for glass companies that offer a free consultation service, whereby a experience technician gives advice on a glass tops tint, edgework, thickness, as well as all aspects of glass safety at home,

While most of the glass tops used for stand alone furniture inside a home is made of annealed glass, for outside applications, such as patio furniture, a glass top is often fabricated in coated or UV tinted glass similar to that used in windowpanes, Also, if applicable, safety tempered or laminated glass can be used to protect children in the event of breakage.

Whether it is for a dining room table, coffee table, writing desk, or conference room table, a glass table top offers the right amount of functionality, durability and looks, without overwhelming the appearance of a room in the office or home.

Protecting Your Wood Furniture With Custom Glass Table Tops

Finding custom glass table tops needn't be difficult or expensive. Just make sure to use the services of an experienced glass Houston installation team to produce custom-made glass table tops to virtually any shape or size.